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traits, but were not to be considered the main hero due to certain mistakes or other reasons. Charlie Dalton was a leader and pushed for action, but he was a bit too fanatical. The publishing of the letter in the school newspaper without the consent of the other members and the phone call from God in the middle of assembly were two examples of his radical actions which were too extreme. Mr. Keating could also be considered as the main hero, but he had a few flaws which kept him from being so. First, He tried to get the kids to think for themselves, but it seemed a little too fast. These students had grown up their entire life being told what to do and then doing it. Mr. Keating should have helped them think for themselves gradually and let them get used to the idea before dumping

it on them. He also in a way encouraged Neil to defy his father. At first he told Neil to talk to his father about acting in the play, but when Neil came back and said he had talked to his father, Keating could tell he was lying. Though Keating knew he was lying, he encouraged Neil to act in the play anyway, which was probably a situation he shouldn t have gotten involved in. These minor flaws among a couple others kept Mr. Keating from being the hero of the film. For the main part of the movie, Neil was a hero. From the beginning when he organized the dead poet s society he was the figure of a leader. He acted in the play against his fathers will, because it was something he would enjoy doing, but in the end, he took his own life. This was a way to get back at his parents, but

it was the easy way out and not a very noble act. He could have kept fighting for his own will instead of ending any chance he might have had at shaping his future. Todd Anderson acted nobly throughout the movie and had the heart of a true hero. The defining action making him the hero of the movie was when he instigated the salute to Keating at the end. He went from a docile student to a brave leader. The fact that he overcame internal struggles as well as external ones proved him the number one hero. 346