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challenged by hisemasculation in the deepest sense possible, because the traditional waysin which masculinity are defined are insufficient and impossible forhim. Jake needs the strength and courage to confront his impotencebecause he has not yet adjusted to this weakness. It is ironic thatCohn, a character least like the Hemingway man, has slept with Brettwhile Jake will never be able to accomplish this feat. However, becauseCohn so inadequately fulfills the roles of a true man, Hemingway impliesthat the sexual conquest of a woman does not alone satisfy thedefinition of masculinity. Nevertheless, Jake fails to fulfill other requisites of the Hemingwayman as he deviates from his own ethical standards. Jake sees that Brettis mesmerized by Pedro s skillful control and extraordinary

handsomenessand recognizes the possibility of furnishing her carnal desires with themost perfect specimen of manhood that he can offer in place of himself.Jake thus betrays the aficionados of Pamplona and the trust of along-time friend, Montoya, who fear that this rising star may be ruinedby women. Thus, regardless of his physical impotence, Jake s trueweakness is the impotence of his will and the supposed hero of the novelis flawed due to his failure to adhere to what he believes is right andwrong. Hemingway thus refrains from presenting a true hero in his novel. Withthe absence of a leading male ideal, Hemingway betrays the largersocio-cultural assumptions about men and masculinity and questions theconventional means in which they are defined in his society.