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her attention and affection. In his rampantdrunkenness, Mike blasts Cohn: What if Brett did sleep with you?She s slept with lots of better people than you. Tell me Robert,. Whydo you follow Brett around like a poor bloody steer? Don t you knowyou re not wanted? (143, Ch. 13). Cohn is like an adolescent, as hevainly ignores the truth and continues to love Brett: He could not stoplooking at Brett. It seemed to make him happy. It must have beenpleasant for him to see her looking so lovely, and know he had been awaywith her and that every one knew it. They couldn t take that away fromhim (146, Ch. 13). Cohn over-exaggerates the significance of hisaffair with Brett. He does not understand that Brett simply used himand that their brief relationship has no meaning to her. Moreover,

Cohncannot conduct himself with dignity and he intrudes upon people andplaces where he is obviously not wanted. Naively, Cohn dwells on the fact that he has slept with Brett andobsesses with her. When Brett begins to show signs of interest in PedroRomero, Cohn irrationally approaches Jake demanding to know Brett swhereabouts, punches him in the jaw, and then calls him a pimp (190-91,Ch. 17). Later that night he encounters Pedro and Brett together intheir hotel room. His actions of knocking Pedro down repeatedly untilhe eventually tires demonstrate a divergence from his character. Cohnfor the first time takes some action in what he feels, rather thanmerely thinking about it or complaining about it. However, despite hispersistence, Pedro does not remain down according to Mike:

Thebull-fighter fellow was rather good. He didn t say much, but he keptgetting up and getting knocked down again. Cohn couldn t knock himout (202, Ch. 17). Eventually, Cohn gives up on this pursuit, isknocked twice by Pedro, and loses his battle for Brett. These eventsshow that Cohn s boxing skills, a defense mechanism that he once used incollege, will no longer pull him out of rough situations. Cohn fails toshow the strength and courage needed to face the circumstances like aman. Pedro Romero, on the other hand, comes closest to the embodiment ofHemingway s hero. Brett is almost immediately enchanted by thishandsome, nineteen-year-old, a promising matador. Pedro, a fearlessfigure who frequently confronts death in his occupation, is not afraidin the bullring and controls the

bulls like a master. Pedro is thefirst man since Jake who causes Brett to lose her self-control: Ican t help it. I m a goner now, anyway. Don t you see the difference?I ve got to do something. I ve got to do something I really want todo. I ve lost my self-respect (183, Ch. 16). In contrast, Pedromaintains his self-control in his first encounter with Brett: He feltthere was something between them. He must have felt it when Brett gavehim her hand. He was being very careful (185, Ch. 16). Brett falls inlove with Pedro as a hero who promises new excitement. In the scenebetween Pedro and Cohn described previously, Pedro demonstrates hisconfidence and strong will. Knocked down time and time again, Pedrorises each time refusing to be beaten. His controlled and dignifieddemeanor in an

unusual situation contrast sharply with Cohn s fear andweakness. Soon Pedro and Brett run off together but when he demands too much fromher, Brett asks him to leave. He was ashamed of me for a while, youknow. He wanted me to grow my hair out. He said it would make me morewomanly. In addition, Pedro really wanted to marry Brett because he wanted to make it sure [Brett] could never go away from him (242,Ch. 19). Pedro will not compromise his expectations for a woman andwill not accommodate Brett s character even though he loves her. In hisaffair with Brett, he has performed according to his rules and when hediscovers that his ideals are impossible for Brett to accept, he leaveswillingly. Pedro has been left untainted by Brett, sustaining hisstrong-willed, correct behavior.

Moreover, Pedro leaves without sulkinglike Cohn or whining like Mike. Brett s acceptance or rejection of particular qualities in each of thefour men she becomes involved with help define Hemingway s male hero.Mike is not dependent on Brett but does not maintain his dignity andself-discipline in his drunken sloppiness. Cohn is a complaining, weak,accommodating adolescent who has little understanding of others orhimself. Pedro is the near perfect embodiment of strength, courage, andconfidence. Jake is the lesser version of this perfection as the heroof the novel. Hence, Hemingway s ideal hero is self-controlled,self-reliant, and fearless. He is a man of action and he does not,under any circumstances, compromise his beliefs or standards. Jake, as the supposed hero of the novel, is