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departure of their first meeting, Jake feelsmiserable: This was Brett, that I had felt like crying about. Then Ithought of her walking up the street and of course in a little while Ifelt like hell again (34, Ch. 4). Lady Brett Ashley serves as achallenge to a weakness Jake must confront. Since his war experience,Jake has attempted to reshape the man he is and the first step in doingthis is to accept his impotence. Despite Brett s undeniable love for Jake, she is engaged to marryanother. Mike Campbell is Brett s fiancee, her next planned marriageafter two already failed ones. Mike is ridiculously in love with Brettand though she knows this she still decides to marry him. In fact,Brett is only to marry Mike because she is tired of drifting and simplyneeds an anchor. Mike loves

Brett but is not dependent on heraffection. Moreover, he knows about and accepts Brett s brief affairswith other men: Mark you. Brett s had affairs with men before. Shetells me all about everything (143, Ch. 13). Mike appreciates Brett sbeauty, as do all the other males in the novel, but perhaps this is asdeep as his love for her goes. In his first scene in the novel, Mikecannot stop commenting and eliciting comments on Brett s beauty: I sayBrett, you are a lovely piece. Don t you think she s beautiful? (79,Ch. 8). He repeatedly proposes similar questions but does not make anyobservant or profound comments on his wife-to-be. In fact, throughoutthe entirety of the novel, Mike continues this pattern, once referringto Brett as just a lovely, healthy wench as his most

observantremark. Furthermore, Mike exhibits no self-control when he becomesdrunk, making insensitive statements that show his lack of regard forBrett and others. After Brett shows interest in Pedro Romero, thebullfighter, Mike rudely yells: Tell him bulls have no balls! Tell himBrett wants to see him put on those green pants. Tell him Brett isdying to know how he can get into those pants! (176, Ch. 16). Inaddition, Mike cannot contemplate the complexities of Brett and herrelationships: Brett s got a bull-fighter. She had a Jew named Cohn,but he turned out badly. Brett s got a bull-fighter. A beautiful,bloody bull-fighter (206, Ch. 18). Despite Brett s brief affair withthe bullfighter, she will eventually return to Mike who will no doubtopenly welcome her again. Brett is a strong

woman, who can control mostmen, and Mike is no exception. She vaguely simplifies theirrelationship when she explains to Jake that she plans to return to him: He s so damned nice and he s so awful. He s my sort of thing (243,Ch. 19). Mike is not complex enough to challenge Brett, but she does goon and decide to accept his simplicity anyways. Furthermore, despite hisengagement with Brett, Mike betrays Hemingway s ideal man. Although heis self-reliant, Mike possesses little self-control or dignity. Engaged to one man and in love with another, Brett demonstrates herdisregard for the 1920 s double standards. Very early in the beginningof the novel, she reveals to Jake that she had invited Robert Cohn to gowith her on a trip to San Sebastian. Cohn, a Jewish, middle-aged

writerdisillusioned with his life in Paris, wants to escape to South Americawhere he envisions meeting the ebony princesses he romanticized from abook. However, he cannot persuade Jake to accompany him and thencompletely forgets about this idea upon meeting Brett. Cohn is immediately enamored with her beauty and falls in love with her: There s a certain quality about her, a certain fineness. She seems tobe absolutely fine and straight (38, Ch. 5). Cohn is immature in hisidealization of Brett s beauty, as he falls in love at first sight .Furthermore, like an adolescent, he attempts to satisfy his curiosityabout Brett by asking Jake numerous questions about her. After Cohn and Brett s short-lived affair in San Sebastian, Cohn isnervous around Jake: Cohn had been rather nervous ever

since we had metat Bayone. He did not know whether we knew Brett had been with him atSan Sebastian, and it made him rather awkward (94, Ch. 10). Moreover,Cohn is scared that when Brett appears she will embarrass him and so hedoes not have the maturity to behave appropriately in front of Jake andhis friend, Bill Gorton. Nonetheless, Cohn is proud of his affair withBrett and believes that this conquest makes him a hero. When Brettappears with her fiancee Mike, Cohn still believes that they aredestined for an ideal love despite her blatant coldness to him.However, it is apparent that Brett simply used Cohn to satisfy hersexual cravings: He behaved rather well (83, Ch. 9). Cohn does notunderstand the triviality of their trip to San Sebastian in Brett s mindand has become dependent on