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The Haunted House Essay, Research Paper The Haunted House It all begin on a Friday the 13th on a Halloween night. Stella Ayana, and Sabrina were getting dressed for Trick or Treating. They were going to meet down by the pond with their classmates named Derekand David. Derek and David were waiting for this day because Sabrina had made prankcalls in both houses just for fun and they wanted to get her back on Halloween. Sabrina did not had a clue of what the boys were going to do, she just knew that they were going to do something because she heard them talk in school. By the time the three girls were ready Ayana was dressing as a Prom Queen, Sabrina as a witch and Stella as a monster. Finally when the girls got to the pond the boys were trying to scared Sabrina with an ugly

mask and with a loud BOO. Sabrina sayed in a loud boys STOP THAT I’M NEVER GOING TO GET SCARED, then the boys sayed I’L GET YOU LATER, but Sabrina sayed NEVER. When they all started playing Truth or Dare it was getting colder and colder every minute since it was about 8:00 at night. Derek dared Sabrina to swim in the pond but she refused to. So Derek gave Sabrina another choice which was to go inside for fifteen minutes in the old, dark hose which had been in the same place for fiftee years. First she sayed no but then she sayed at least they won’t get me inside the house since they don’t want to go inside. When Sabrina got in the house she saw some ugly, discusting things like dead, bloody rats, skeletons and spiders web’s, but she wanted to know why were skeletons and

blood all over the place. She decided to go upstairs and look around. She went upstearis she entered a room that looked like a little girl about five lived in that room. The floor was not strong enough to hold Sabrina because it was a real old floor also, so she felled on a hole that was on the floor. The two boys and the two girls left the house which they were outside to continue the joke. When Sabrina felled of the second floor she screamed HELP, but nobody was in or out the house that could help her. The boys and the two girls were laughing with joy because of Sabrina, but after a few hours they were getting worried of Sabrina. They trying to decide if they should go inside the house to see what had happen. they decided to go by the time they all got inside the house Sabrina

was dead because she had broken bones and she had bleeded to much on her arm and legs. They were all terrifed to see Sabrina like that they just wanted to plaay a joke on her. They didn’t know what to say or do. They stayed in the house sitting onn the floor crying. After a few hours they went home but they didn’t know how to tell Sabrina’s Mother. Derek asked Sabrina’s Mom to come to the house so she would believed them. When she got to the house and she said WHAT HAVE YOU ALL DONE TO MY DAUGHTER, nobody answered anything. After a few months the case was put in insolved mysteries because they didn’t quite know how it happen or how.