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each original family name. In the latter cases it is more of the family name carrying some sort of importance within the society or the wish of the family to maintain the existence of the family name. It is not unheard of for the groom to adopt the brides name if there are no other males within the generation to carry on the bride?s family name. With the divorce rate maintaining its level of almost 50% it leaves many families with choices to make. Many of these families with children residing with the mother have the mother maintain the grooms name if adopted during the wedding. This is done for reasons of the children?s upbringing within school districts and also within the society being that it is completely acceptable. To some males there may be great differences between both

parties and potentially both families if the bride wishes to maintain her maiden name. Dependent on the families? social status or heritage it may be considered to be unethical. It would not be surprising that these differences could become irreconcilable differences leading to break ups prior to the marriages. Although the practice could be considered similar the difference lies in the ownership of the Handmaid within this story that is not a practice within the society of today in the U.S.