The Guide To Getting It On Essay

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The Guide To Getting It On! Essay, Research Paper The Guide to Getting it On! A New and Mostly Wonderful Book About Sex By Paul Joannides “The Guide to Getting it On!” is unlike any book on human sexuality that I have ever read. Not to say that I read a lot of human sexuality books, but the ones I have looked over (including the text for this class) are often bland and stagnant. “The Guide to Getting it On!” has an approach to human sexuality that is fun, witty, and extremely sensitive all in one. This 370 page book contains subjects on sex that are designed to make the reader think outside of the box (no pun intended) about their own sexuality and the sexuality of others. It is a playful look into the modern relationships of today, and an aid to couples wanting to

spice up their love life. Topics discussed in this manual vary from getting naked and intercourse to sex toys and being gay in the 90’s. Practically any topic you can think of about human sexuality is covered in this book and makes for a heavy read. This book also has a section that reviews additional resources for the reader to investigate further. In the back of this book is a glossary of sex, slang and cultural-related words and their definitions. This guide is not for the faint of heart or closed-minded. It uses several slang, and dirty words throughout the book to describe concepts of human sexuality. It even has a chapter addressing the use of dirty words and why this book has chosen to do so. While I believe that the use of dirty and slang terms generally degrades from

the value of a book, “The Guide to Getting it On!” accomplishes the task tastefully and in good humor. Most of the titles of the chapters are somewhat provocative in nature, and serve to spark interest. Prudent readers will be taken aback at first glance over the book to find chapters such as ”Chapter 21: Oscillator, Generator, Vibrator, Dildo “ and ” Chapter 11: The Zen of Finger Fucking”. But upon further inspection they will find a very informative and thought provoking view of an aspect of sexuality that they may had little or no prior experience with. Although this book does not have any photographs, it does have quite a few explicit drawings. Some of these drawings serve to visually show the reader some of the techniques that are covered in the text. Others are

to show whole concepts in themselves. One such drawing is “The Goofy Dick Game – Real Penises of Real Guys” This shows 5 flaccid penises on one page and five erect ones on the next. The object is to match the two up. The whole point of this exercise is to show how the size of the soft penis does not predict the size of the erect counterpart. This was new to me because I haven’t really had any experience with *censored*s other than my own. It was cool to find out that larger soft penises often don’t get as big erections and smaller soft penises usually stretch more during an erection. This book is actually divided into two separate sections. The first ten chapters focus on general knowledge about sex and different aspects of sex. Topics include a brief history of sex,

dirty words, the importance of getting naked, on the penis, what’s inside a girl?, men’s and women’s experience of sex, orgasms and sex fluids. The dirty word chapter is about the sexual nature of dirty words. These chapters are very informative, and in a way like our textbook. They dispense lots of facts about the various biological, psychological, and social aspects of each topic. The remainder of the book is a sex manual, or a how-to. It gives lots of techniques, hints and tips on anything that is sexual in nature. Masturbation, oral sex, genital massage, intercourse, anal sex, sex toys are a few of the many more traditional topics covered. Although “The Guide to Getting it On!” is a very complete and well thought out manual, there are a few weaknesses in the book