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The Growth Of The Internet Essay, Research Paper The Internet s growth and size have grown vastly over the last couple of years due to rapid interest in particular to businesses that want their customers to access their products online. The Internet s size alone has ballooned to an estimated 89.4 million people who actually surfed in August 2000, a 1.7 % increase from July. There are an estimated 146.4 million people who had access to the Internet but did not actually surf which shows the growth of the Internet in a short period of time. With all these people surfing this makes it a great way to market any product that a company has, and to get it into the market that provides great reason why so many companies are selling their goods online these days. However the numbers

vary for each different region in the world today. The projected growth of the internet is going to be very swift and massive due to the fact that many countries in Africa, South America and places in Asia and the Far East are poverty stricken and will slowly build their communications up to a level that will permit their inhabitants to access the internet. However this will still be costly for the citizens of these countries who still find it a luxury to have a phone line furthermore a computer. The bulk of people on the Internet come from Canada, The United States and Europe. In contrast, numerous places in the world are raising the amount of people that they have accessing the Internet. In South Africa, they have a total of 1.82 million people visiting the online world, while

Swaziland is building a centre solely for this purpose. A demographic of Morocco shows that 70% of their people accessing the World Wide Web are male. 56% of the online users are between the age of 21-30 13% are greater than 20, 21% are between 31-40 and the last 20% are over 50. These users are also pretty active on the web as they spend more than 12 hours a week online. In Asia, Korea seems to be the hot spot right now as 42% of all Koreans used the Internet in August 2000. This compared to other countries in the region such as Taiwan who had 36.4% of their people online in the same month. The same goes for Hong Kong who had 29.2%, and China with 23%. In South America, things are really behind there due to high costs for access to the Web as well as poverty that has stricken

the people to rarely have a phone line. This also accounts for their high user to computer ratio that sits at 6 or 7 people to a computer. Mexico, which has a population of 97 million people only has 2.7 million people using the internet due to this problem, Argentina has only a million that access the Internet. Europe has a high amount of users in some places such as the U.K and really low numbers in places like Germany and Croatia, who only has 3.5% people on the internet. While in Germany high costs and a lack of knowledge are preventing many Germans from using the Internet. In North America high volumes of people access the internet with people aged between 8-24 spending USD 164 billion/yr on purchases. However contrary to belief, parents spend more time than kids on the

Internet. Teens spend 303 minutes per month surfing while their parents spend 728 minutes per month surfing. In conclusion, the amount of people accessing the web is constantly on the rise and the growth of the Internet cannot be questioned as to how large it will eventually become. All that one can say is the Internet has become a way of life for some and will eventually become that way for the whole world.