The Group Of Foreigners Essay Research Paper

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The Group Of Foreigners Essay, Research Paper Group identity has been used to distinguish social status of people since the birth of mankind. Different kinds people are in different group. For example, the foreigners in America always like to make friends with whom coming from their own countries or speaking the same languages, and be in a group with their friend. The group can be very big, like a small town where thousands of people who come from same country live in one area; or it can be very small, like several people who always hang out with one another. The group of the foreigner, they make their environment convenient and life colorful. In some big cities, you can find many foreigners groups live in different areas, such as China town, Japanese town, Greek town and so

on. They are together and make their living areas more like their own countries. For a foreigner living in a foreign country, if he can hear people speak his language. He will be very happy. Last year I went to Los Angeles to visit my aunt. And I had a good time in the China town there. That China town is very big. A lot of Chinese live there. There are many very nice Chinese restaurants and some big Chinese supermarket. When you walk in the china town you can hear many people talking Chinese even if the people in the restaurants and stores. In the Chinese store, you can find many Chinese stuff, which in other places is very hard to find, such as Chinese books, Chinese CDs At that time, I had been in America one year and missed home very much. But when I was in the China town, I

was feeling like back to my country. I was so excited to be in such an area in a foreign country. We all know that living and studying in a foreign country are not easy for a person growing up in another country or even culture. You may need many help from others. Such as, how can you find the place to live; where can you buy groceries ? In America, The group of foreigners, they always help each other, no mater you are an old friend, or you are a new member. Before I come to East Lansing, I don t know anything about this town and the school. But, after I got here, my uncle introduced some Chinese friends to me. They are all very nice to me. They told me a lot of things about this town and the school, and took me to look around the town. They also helped me find a very nice

apartment for me to live. After my school started I met some international students in school and made friend with them. After that every weekend we hang out together, and when we have questions about study, we help each other. It has given me a lot of help. I was so happy to be a member of this small community. On the whole, all these are my personal opinions and feelings about group identity. Group identity is undoubtedly important in our society and our lives. And in real life, there are many examples about group identity everywhere and anytime. Just like the group of foreigners. They again are showing us the significance of group identity