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God s people celebrating and living in a way he will never be able to. That s why Grendel, driven by evil desire and swollen with rage , worked so hard at attempting to destroy Herot. In Grendel s mind, if he could deprive the Geats of their meadhall, which they loved so much, then they would be like him: a people with no home and with no joy. Grendel was the first in a class of outsiders, he was one of the fellows that just didn t fit in, and was never given the opportunity to show his true worth, or at least share in the joy that surrounded him. Grendel s actions were more severe than the Grinch s, after all the Grinch only stole Christmas, Grendel would have killed it and all the little Who s. It is the reasons for his actions that were the same as the Grinch s. Grendel wanted

to fit in, to have a place in the world, or at least be judged for his own actions not for those of his kinfolks. Grendel is a symbol of displaced people everywhere, people that tried to fight back to gain the place they deserved in the world, or at least an opportunity to prove themselves worthy of our friendship.