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destroyed! I would prefer that I myself had fallen.” This states that King Arthur, is loyal to his country and wished that he could die instead of all of his noblemen. Conclusively, at the very end of the story, after King Arthur is buried, one of his true loyal followers, stayed by him even in death. His follower, Sir Bedivere, walked up to a tomb and found out that it was the King Arthurs tomb and immediately “sat down and never left that place.” For he was being very loyal to his king who had died. Sir Bedivere lived next to the king for years after until his death. The end of his life was full blown loyalty to the king ever, especially since the King had died. Lastly, he states his true loyalty to the Archbishop of Canterbury who had been there since he had been banned

by Sir Modred. “Father, I wish only to be near to my true liege.” 347