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married. Another instance during the second part, is when King Arthur is looking for knights to fill the Round Table and many come to test their knighthood because they wish to be on the “king’s side.” Two of these future knights are Sir Gawain and Sir Torre whom both wish to become a part of the Round Table to become truly loyal to the king in writing. They are being loyal to their king by wanting to become real knights at the Round Table. The story evolves into a thicker plot when all of a hart, a brachet and a palfrey are stolen from the king’s court and the three knights are asked to go fetch these things plus the knight who stole these and to capture the lady whom he captured. They each go off on their own journey to find what they were asked. This is an example of

loyalty again since they did not back out of this brave adventure. They all wanted to be chivalrous for their king and loyal. The story continues with the journey of Sir Gawain and along with him his brother, Sir Gaheris. During their expedition, Gawain killed a woman while fighting another knight on his way down the path. This was not the norm and was brutally rebuked by anyone who didn’t have women on their priority list. Knights were to save women for all costs; they were precious things and more important then men. So, because Gawain killed a woman, he had to tell King Arthur and Queen Gwynevere the truth about his adventures. He in his case was being loyal and truthful to the king and queen. Even though he did not obey the chivalrous ideas he told the truth and in that was

being devoted to the king and queen. Then starts the quest of Sir Torre. During his quest, he shows great loyalty when he sees a woman with the brachet that was stolen from the King’s court. He states, “My lady, I am obliged to, since my liege King Arthur has commanded me to bring it to his court.” (p. 127) Here, he is following his orders directly from the King and will not budge at all. He states the reason why and that is that. He is being loyal to the king in this way. He is not worried at all about the foreshadowing of what the woman speaks and thinks only of his deed for the king. Next Sir Pellinore is on his way to his quest. He also displays his loyalty towards the king. In the beginning of his trip, he sees a dying husband in the arms of his wife. ‘Good night,

for the love of Jesus, help me, I beseech you!” But King Pellinore was so eager in the persuit of his quest that he did not more than salute the young noblewoman.” (p.130) The woman asks of his help, but because he has such a huge devotion for his king that he walks on past her barely noticing. As he trots on, he discloses another instance of his loyalty when he spots the woman who he has told to retrieve and bring back to the King’s court. He spies her in between two men who are in a quarrel fighting for her. He says to the lady, while the two knights are fighting with eachother, “My lady, I am commanded by my liege, King Arthur, to bring you to his court.” Thus one of the squires replies,” Sir,…you will have to challenge the two knights who are already fighting

for her, if she is to accompany you.” Thus, he duels both knights because he is very loyal and even risking his own life, to stay true to his king. In the end, he wins her and brings her back to the king and is happily rewarded. In the last section, The Death of King Arthur, there are four major instances of loyalty towards the King. In the commencement, during Arthur’s dream, he screamed and all of his squires and noblemen come running to his side. They seemed to be there in any moment when he needed them. This is a small example of the squires loyalty towards their king because in the kings time of need they would run to save him from any harm. Later in the story, there started a war between Sir Modred and King Arthur because they each “suspected eachother of

treachery.” (p.134) They each told their armies if any saw a sign of a sword to attack the other side. Indeed there was a sword in sight but taken for the wrong idea and a war initiated between both parties. In this case, both armies fought and fought never giving up until they were all dead in which illustrates a certain type of loyalty toward each of their leaders. Their armies would not give up under any circumstances because they wanted to win for the king and him alone no matter if they lost their life for it. They wanted to protect their leader because of their loyalty and attachment toward him. When the war is just about over, King Arthur was saddened by the many who risked their lives for him. “Alas,…that the day should come when I see all my noble knights