The Greatest Gift By Al Martinez Essay

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?The Greatest Gift? By Al Martinez Essay, Research Paper In “The Greatest Gift” Al Martinez defines generosity. Al’s definition of a generous person is someone who gives without any thought of recognition. He defines generosity by telling a story about a man named Max. Max was a skinny homeless man in his twenties. He lived in an abandoned car and worked for doughnut crumbs. A man named Harris watched him for a couple days, and decided to help him. Harris was a merchant seaman during the Second World War. Harris brought Max to his house, fed him, listened to his life story, and invited him to stay in a mobile home located on his property. Harris gave Max some new clothes, some money, and took Max around town until he found a job. Max was very thankful and gratitude

towards Harris grew. Harris gave Max a chance to live like a human being and he was proving himself an able and intelligent worker. Max never attempted to repay Harris but he got his opportunity four years later. When Harris was young, he was exposed to cyanide while working in a gold mine. The cyanide invaded his kidneys causing irreparable damage. Harris kidneys were failing fast, he was on dialysis, and he was told he needed a transplant. Max was unaware of Harris’s ailment but he eventually found out about it from Harris’s friend. When told that Harris need a transplant, Max immediately said “I’ll give him one of mine”. After months of testing Dr. Robert Melendez determined that Max was an eligible donor and proceeded with the transplantation. Both men gave each

other the gift of life. Al Martinez defines this as the ultimate generosity and uses the term without hesitation. Critique Al Martinez defines a generous person as someone who gives without any though of recognition. Martinez’s story about Max and Harris is a wonderful example of generosity. I believe that Max and Harris made equal contribution to saving each others lives. If Harris did not help Max get off the street, Max would be dead. If Max did not donate his kidney to Harris, Harris would be dead. Most people who donate money to charity are not truly generous. They do it for the praise and recognition, Max and Harris did it because they wanted to. Max and Harris are truly generous people.