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made a mistake and called Trotter in tears. ?I?m coming home. . .Trotter, it?s all wrong. Nothing turned out the way it?s supposed to.? Trotter helped Gilly to understand that life wasn?t easy but she must be strong and make the best of it. Gilly loved Trotter dearly and wanted to do this for her to show her love and appreciation. Gilly had finally found her family and her grandmother. She was willing to make her new family work. Dealing with family problems are difficult for children and this story shows children that it isn?t always easy but it can be worked out in the end. The Great Gilly Hopkins was a unique novel that touched on many issues closely related to children and their experiences. Katherine Paterson chooses a wonderful technique to introduce children to many

difficult subjects. She does this by using a character that many children can understand and empathize with. Throughout this novel she used such themes as: life is what you make of it, prejudices, and family. Overall The Great Gilly Hopkins was a well written novel and deserved the Newberry Award that it received. THE GREAT GILLY HOPKINS KANDACE HENRY CHILDRENS LITERATURE TUES-THURS 100 – 230 FEB. 4, 1999