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The Great Gatsby Essay, Research Paper Nick Carroway and Jay Gatsby are like an orange and an apple; either being what you want. Oranges and apples have similarities; such as, being a fruit, but have contrasting attributes, like apples are non-citric and oranges are full of citric that s why they never go brown. And that is like Nick and Jay. For some comparisons they are both men of ambition. They have moved away and tried to pursue happiness because that s what they really want, unlike some people some can often be terrified of change and fear pursuing dreams and ideas and so they aren t really in the ambitious category. Well, in this case I didn t see much likeness between the two, but as far as contrasting the two guys, well, they got quit a list. You can t really make a

reference to whether or not Jay Gatsby is a person of judgment (as in judging people) because I didn t really catch dialogue of him doing it so I m going to stick that he is not a judgmental person. As for Nick he is both a hypocrite and someone not to trustworthy of because in the beginning of the novel he boasts about not judging people, but yet through out the novel that s what he s doing, maybe because he s the narrator and it s probably in the job description to be on the judgmental side while being a narrator or something, but either way he s a judging person and a hypocrite. Nick is a person that has one perspective view, mentally, and Jay has another, but for the most part everyone does, but in this case Jay is a tad bit more ambitious then Nick (there is another

difference) because Jay s entire life cycle includes to making Daisy and himself into one. His entire purpose from the beginning of the novel all the way until he dies is doing things not entirely for himself, but for the idea that maybe Daisy will come back. Jay doesn t see that it s a conditional like, and Nick is different then Jay is. Like he had a girl when he lived in the mid-west, but leaves to pursue happiness for himself, and at the end of the novel he even lets go of Jordon Baker to go back to the mid-west. He doesn t get to attached to people as compared to Jay s infatuation with Daisy hey maybe J. Gatsby found the person that made him truly happy, but that is what makes life good in the long run we re all different in even the slightest way. So those are some of the

comparisons and contrasting qualities that I stumbled over while reading this novel.