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any success” (Halberstan 6). After a long period in which he didn’t play basketball, he decided to come back because of the love and passion he had for this game. On his press conference, he only said two words “I’m back.” After his return, he led his team to their fourth title. Jordan continued dominating the basketball league for the next two seasons. Where they won two more championship titles, and also was named the most valuable player. The death of his father had made him a better person and player. Michael has influenced a lot of people. He has inspired people to watch him play and to learn how to play the game. You do not know what he is going to do. He goes right, and left, over you, around and under you. He twists, he turns. And you know he is going to get

that shot off. And the best thing is that you just don’t know when. (Wolff 130) Michael Jordan was unstoppable and the best skill he had in his game was his unpredictability. You could have never been sure about what kind of spectacular play he was going to you on the basketball court. His realism and athleticism made him the best. Jordan’s popularity was greater than any real life person. “He was the athlete whom ordinary people throughout the world most wanted to see play” (Halberstam 7). Also he was very popular because of his clothing industry and his famous “Nike Jordan sneakers.” Jordan was and still is a great role model. I used to see little kids buying his products, wearing his sneakers, and looking up to him. He used to play for no economic interest in

tournaments during his free time. He would do this just to donate the money collected in these tournaments and then give it away to the needed. A lot of people would act as if he was a god. His inside was filled up with sweetness. This is all because his parents were very simple and hard working people. In the last basketball game ever played at the old Chicago stadium, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan organized a charity contest in which Jordan scored 52 points. This special and noble even made Jordan feel very proud of himself. (Greene 81) The way he was raised helped obtain a long list of gals. Which gave him a good advice about life. His manner with all kinds of people was usually graceful. Especially for someone with so much pressure. He was very patient towards those

people who tried to cheat him. His passion for the game made him lovable. Everyone liked him and who ever didn’t was mistaken. Michael Jordan was the man, called not human sometimes for his spectacular and incredible plays. This man excited us during games like nobody has done it before. Jordan had it all inside and outside the court. He was both a respectable player and an honorable citizen. He made his presence on the court be felt. The name of Michael Jeffrey Jordan will forever remain in the minds and hearts of the people that watched him play. It will be a hard time for those who would try to explain who this “Legend” was to the young people that never saw him play, and that would always envy us for not having watched him.