The Great Gatsby Comparison Essay Research Paper

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The Great Gatsby Comparison Essay, Research Paper Clearly interwoven into both pieces are similes and metaphors, which put Daisy and Gatsby on a parallel level allowing them to be collated within the mind of the reader. The sentences in Daisy s passage are long and drawn-out revealing her dramatic yet cheerfully snobby personality. Yet the sentences in Gatsby s passage are short and incomplete until the end when Gatsby is incarnated. This reveals that Fitzgerald used his sentence structures to convey the mood and reflections of both Daisy and Gatsby. In Daisy s passage, the orchids and roses symbolize the disappearance of Gatsby and the creation of Tom allowing Daisy s unsteady thoughts to be complete. While Gatsby becomes complete with the kiss from his one true love Daisy.

However at his lips touch she blossomed for him like a flower and the incarnation was complete . This revealed that the residing fact in Gatsby s rebirth was Daisy, while Daisy s rebirth was conjured up by the arrival of Tom Buchanan in the spring. Gatsby s incarnation occurred during the autumn season while Daisy s occurred during the spring. Daisy is more demanding and assertive as she wanted her life shaped now, immediately – and the decision must be made by some force projecting an impatient motif. She was constantly struggling within herself to make her dreams a reality but she didn t take action instead she waited for some outside force to act upon her. While Gatsby is undoubtedly an utopian at heart he is the one that actually reaches out for his erratic dreams. Both

Gatsby and Daisy are dreamers, contemplating their thoughts through their fallacies and solidified conceptions of themselves. However Gatsby with his heart in a constant, turbulent riot where the most grotesque and fantastic conceits haunted him at night displays a conceited mood closer to reality, Daisy s mood is evidently erroneous and unreal. Daisy was constantly living for today, worrying about what was happening at the current moment and wanted everything to be organized and certain while Gatsby lived for the future and each night he added to the pattern of his fancies until drowsiness closed down upon some vivid scene with an oblivious embrace. Both characters find themselves undergoing internal struggles however Gatsby s were much stronger than Daisy s. Gatsby s distress

was his constant battle with his unstable, tawdry imagination fired by his strong love for Daisy and he used reveries to provide an outlet for his imagination . Daisy s drastic struggle was that she had met Tom yet still had feelings for Gatsby, which was cured by writing Gatsby a letter. Still both of them find loneliness as a painful thing; but Gatsby is too imaginative, which doesn t match up to Daisy s assertive nature. Personification is present in both pieces creating a mysterious underlying feeling, creating a neoteric environment in both Daisy and Gatsby s imaginations. Without a doubt the use of imagery and comparisons through both Daisy and Gatsby s ornate dreams create a false sense of security underlying in their perplexed introspection. The overall moods of the two

pieces are similar, depicting negative aspects and concentrating on subservient events whether they are flamboyant or habitual therefore creating an alternative universe allowing the characters to embark on a journey to find themselves; striving for the unfathomable emotion of being elated and complete.