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The Great Gadsby Essay, Research Paper The Great Gatsby is a novel that is about the rich people of the roaring twenties and in particularly about a man named Gatsby in search of the American dream. The story starts out with the narrator Nick Carraway moving from the west (Chicago) to a New York suburb called West Egg. His is trying to become a successful bond salesman. Just across the bay is where his cousin Daisy Buchanan and her husband Tom Buchanan live. But right next door is where the main character Jay Gatsby lives in a huge house, where every weekend he holds an enormous party. In the beginning Nick goes to the Buchanan mansion. There he meats Jordan Baker(a pro golfer) and he also learns that Tom is having an affair. Next Nick and Tom go to The garage where Tom tells

Myrtle to be on the next train. They picked her up at the station in New York and as they are driving to the apartment Tom has rented for the affair Myrtle buys a dog. The go to the apartment and have a little party and Tom and Myrtle get in a fight and Tom breaks her nose. Next Nick is invited to Gatsby?s party, there he hears many rumors about Gatsby. Then at almost the end of the party Nick finally meets Gatsby and he learns a little about him, That he?s an Oxford man and that he inherited his fortune from his family. At the end of their conversation they set up a lunch date for the following day. At the lunch date Gatsby introduces Nick to another important character named Meyer Wolfsheim, whom is the man that rigged the 1919 World Series. Nick also sees Tom and introduces

him to Gatsby. Next Nick talks to Jordan and finds out about Gatsby and Daisy and Daisy asks Nick to set up a meeting between Gatsby and Daisy for Gatsby. He agree and he sets up the meeting at his house. Daisy comes over and Gatsby is there and the ketch up a little and Gatsby invites Nick and Daisy to his house for a tour. After this Daisy comes over to Gatsby?s quite often in the afternoon. The next big thing is when Gatsby and Nick are invited to the Buchanan?s house and they decide to go to New York. Gatsby takes Tom?s blue car and Daisy and Tom takes Gatsby?s big ?circus wagon? with Jordan and Nick. Tom stopped at the garage to get gas and Myrtle sees Tom in the big yellow car and Tom learned that the Wilson’s are packing up and moving west as soon as possible. They meet

at the Plaza Hotel and get a room, there Tom and Jay get in a huge argument and Daisy and Gatsby took the yellow car home. As Tom followed in the Blue car. As Tom got to the garage he saw a big crowd outside. He went inside and saw Myrtle Wilson died, hit by a yellow car. They go to Tom?s house and find Daisy there but no Gatsby. As Nick is waiting for a cab he sees Gatsby looking in at Daisy?s window to make sure Tom doesn?t hurt Daisy and Nick learned that Daisy was the one driving the car. The next day Wilson goes nuts because of Myrtle and goes to find out whos car hit his wife. He finds out it was Gatsby?s car and goes and shoots Gatsby and then kills himself. Next Nick is planning the funeral and no one will come and then Gatsby?s father shows up and the two of them go to

the funeral together with the preacher. After that Nick moves back to Chicago. The Great Gatsby is written in first person through the eyes of Nick Carraway. It is a very symbolic novel. It is also very easy to read. Fitgerald is extremely good at describing things. Another thing about his style is that the story isn?t written in chronological order but because he is so good at writing he is able to bounce around. This novel teaches of the roaring twenties and the rich life style of that time. It tells the story of a man trying to obtain the American dream. This book has a few themes one focuses on the death of the American dream, though the character of Jay Gatsby. It also shows how the immoral people have the money. Another themes is that of repeating the past. This theme also