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installment credit for fear of losing their jobs, and not being able to pay the interest. Consequently, industrial production fell by more than 9% between the market crashes in October and December. As a result, jobs were lost, and soon people starting defaulting on their interest payment. Radios and cars bought with installment credit had to be returned. All of the sudden warehouses were piling up with inventory. The prosperous industries that had been connected with the automobile and radio industries started falling apart. Without a car, people did not need fuel or tires. Without a radio, people had less need for electricity. On the international scene, the rich had practically stopped lending money to foreign countries. To protect the nation’s businesses the United States

imposed higher trade barriers. Foreigners stopped buying American products. More jobs were lost. More stores closed. More banks went under. More factories closed. Unemployment grew to five million in 1930, up to thirteen million in 1932. The Great Depression had begun. At this time, it became quite evident to the Adam?s that they had to watch out for their own prosperity. Families didn?t receive unemployment, social security, or federal aid during this time period. As the uprising in Europe became prevalent, the steel mills and railroads got increasingly busy. The railroads started hiring women, which was quite unusual during this time. Floyd Adams began a new job at a factory working 7 days a week making firearms just in case of a war. Soon there after many men began to be

drafted into the military as war got closer. As the war began, conditions worsened. Stamps began to be issued to ration food and fuel. Mae began to work in a local theater selling defense stamps and savings bonds to benefit the troops in Europe. Their residents of her neighborhood were still struggling to purchase everyday need items. Mae continued to go to school not quite understanding the situation at hand. As evening fell across her town, her parents made sure to draw the blinds completely being careful not to let any light get out of the windows. Street wardens made rounds nightly to monitor the houses to avoid drawing attention to their town. They were often worried of European attacks because they were fairly close to the east coast.