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The Great Avenger Essay, Research Paper My story starts from the great avenger?s home deep within the forest of Brazil. He lived in a grass hut and wore grass skirts all day long, which leads me to the story at hand. Once when the great avenger was doing some work for his country he ran into the great villain Derek the all mighty. Derek wasn’t just a normal villain he was the only villain in the world that every one feared. As the great avenger was try to capture Derek once he thought that a simple trick would get him into a trap where he would win. And take Derek into jail and become a hero. Ha little did he know that the trap he had set would back fire on him and he would loose a hand. It was a cOld stormy night in Brazil the great avenger was chasing Derek though the

woods on a motorized scooter that levitated about a foot about the ground. He was coming up to where he set the trap as they grew closer and closer Derek started his plan. Derek pressed a button and thus beaming up the great avenger to a spacecraft. The great avenger didn?t know what had happened. He was in quite an Ahh about what had happened to him. While the great avenger was being detained he was heavily drugged and put in a cell to be tortured in the future. Derek thought about what he was going to do to the great avenger. He thought about using the Chinese torture test when you spunk a drop or water on the victims forehead. They he thought about testing the great avenger first with useless trivia. This sounded good to Derek he like using useless trivia cause it was funny.

The torture begins with useless trivia the first question he asked the great avenger be Are rats able to vomit yes or no? The great avenger being very smart say?s no they can?t stupid. Well now that Derek was mad he asks him another question what?s the Ph of a cow?s milk? The great avenger says it?s 6 everyone knows that hah. Well now Derek ask him the hardest question of all what was the sigh for star track and the password used by my organization to get into the gates no one but true members know this one? The avenger puts up his hand and spreads his fingers to form a V and says it?s M. He hold his hand like this a little to long, infect just long enough for Derek to chop off his hand and carve an M into the palm. The great Avenger would never have his right hand again thanks

to Derek. Derek laughed at the great avenger tell him that he should mind his own business and kept his crime fighting to his self. The great avenger would never forget the sigh nor that the star track hand jester. Derek kept his hand and made several thousand-photo copies and gave then to the great avenger so that he would never forget his lesson. Derek kept On doing crime for the rest of his life until one day when the great avenger blew up his home while he was inside it.