The Good The Bad And The Ugly

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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Crime And Pu Essay, Research Paper Mari Bauer The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Crime and Punishment, by Fyodor Dostoevsky is a novel exploring the concept of sin and moral digression while considering its effect on the lives of people. The novel includes different levels of breaching morals and the outcome of the lives of each kind. Sonia, an image of Mary Magdalene, commits sin to better the lives of those she loves. Svidrigaylov is a sinful man with no remorse for his actions. He continues until the end to think of only himself until he takes his own life. I will also explore Raskolnikov+s actions and his theory on the extraordinary man. He is not capable of carrying out his beliefs which ends up saving him from being truly evil. In comparing

these three characters and their sins it is clear that they all commit evil acts, but at different levels. Sonia represents the best form of evil. She commits sinful acts in the fact that she is a prostitute, but she is doing this to help her family while continually asks for forgiveness from God. This is one of her selfless acts told by Marmeladov. |At six o+clock I saw Sonia get up, put on her kerchief and her cape, and go out of the room and about nine o+clock she came back. She walked straight up to Katerina Ivanovna and she laid thirty roubles on the table before her in silence . . . And then I saw Katerina Ivanovna . . . kissing Sonia+s feet.X (Page 15.) Katerina’s actions are a gesture of thanks for her sacrifice. The kissing of the feet is an allusion to the religion

that we later find out is a big part of Sonia+s life. The following conversation between Sonia and Raskolnikov illustrates her beliefs in a higher power. |So you pray to God a great deal, Sonia?X he asked her. |What should I be without God?X She whispered rapidly. . . |And what does God do for you?X he asked, probing her further. Sonia was silent a long while as though she could not answer, her weak chest kept heaving with emotion. |Be silent! Don+t ask! You don+t deserve!X she cried suddenly, looking sternly and wrathfully at him. . . |He does everything,X she whispered quickly, looking down again.X (Page 281.) She believes in God despite the fact she lives her life in sin and misery in order to provide for her family. Her religion shapes her life even though she is continually

going against her beliefs. She asks for forgiveness for her sins and believes she will be redeemed in the end. She reacts to her sins by asking for forgiveness. She believes that she must do these things for the good of her family. Sonia succeeds in being a Magdalene through her strong faith in God and her influence on Raskolnikov in convincing him to give himself up. She gives the impression of a helpless, saintly woman forced to give up her purity for the well being of her family. Sonia accepts her suffering and repents her sins making her evil deeds less of a factor in the person that she is. Svidrigaylov is the darker side of evil in that he has abused the women in his life because his willpower is to weak to counterbalance the passion that he feels. In Pulcheria+s letter to

her son, Raskolnikov, she explains the situation that Svidrigaylov put Dounia in. |At first indeed Mr. Svidrigaylov treated her very rudely and used to make disrespectful and jeering remarks at table. . . Would you believe that the crazy fellow had conceived a passion for Dounia from the beginning?X (Page 28.) He later admitted his love for her and made promises to her of a new estate and many possessions. His wife soon discovered his secret passion and was furious at Sonia. This shows that Svidrigaylov+s intentions are solely based on his wants and needs. He has little respect for the women in his life and concentrates on what he wants at that very moment in time. At a passage later in the book he is admitting to killing his wife. |Only consider, I struck her just twice with a