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entertainment. He discovered a tea shop where he fell in love with a woman named The Lotus Flower. After a month of seeing Lotus, he bought her from the tea shop and took her home as a concubine. O-lan did not like this, but Wang Lung would not let Lotus live anywhere else, so he built a courtyard with adjacent rooms for Lotus to live in. The courtyard had a small pool, and Wang Lung bought only expensive foods for his Lotus. When Wang Lung found out that his older son was seeing Lotus when he was away, he decided to have him married to a grain merchant’s daughter. The wedding took place, and shortly afterwards, O-lan died of a stomach illness, and soon afterwards, Wang Lung’s father died. Wang Lung then apprenticed his younger son to the grain merchant Liu, and his youngest

daughter was betrothed to Liu’s young son. Thinking of a way to get rid of his uncle and his wife, he persuaded them to start smoking opium that he had paid for. Once they became addicted, they were too busy with the drug to bother Wang Lung. But, his uncle’s son did not take the opium, and began to annoy Wang Lung’s older son’s wife by talking dirty and walking around with his robe open. Seeing this, Nung Wen became very angry and Wang Lung rented a portion of the house of Hwang. The uncle and his wife were left in the country with their opium, and the uncle’s son left to join the army. When Ching died, Wang Lung stopped farming and rented out his land, hoping that his youngest son would tend the land, but when he took a girl that his youngest son liked, his youngest

son ran away from home and joined the army. When Wang Lung’s death came near, he moved back to the country to be with his land. He brought only his slave Pear Blossom, that his youngest son loved, and his first daughter that was simple. One day as he was looking at the fields with his sons, he heard them talking about how they were going to spend their inheritance and what they would do with the money they would make from selling the land. Wang Lung cried out that they must never sell the land because only with land could they be sure of earning a living. But Wang Lung did not see his sons look at each other over his head and grin.