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enemies. Wang Lung?s first daughter- Wang Lungs second daughter suffers from severe malnutrition since she is born during a year of famine. She becomes ?Now Wang Lung had more land than a man with an ox can plough and harvest, and more harvest than one man can garner. So he built another small room to his house and he bought an ass? and Ching was glad to do it. ?Then Wang Lung stood still and rigid, for he saw a false beard of red hair and a length of red cloth.? mentally retarded. In his later years Wang Lung becomes attached to her. After several months of famine the family returns home from the southern cities. Wang Lung has several jewels he managed to steal during a raid of a great house. He decides to buy more land. He purchases more land from a now ravaged and ransacked

house of Hwang. Wang Lung?s uncle- Wang Lung?s uncle is a cunning scoundrel. He is also a thief. Since he is of an older generation Wang Lung must show him respect. When Wang Lung is wealthy is uncle begins to exploit him. Wang Lung is fed up with his uncle and his lazy family and soon tries to force him out. He learns that his uncle is in a gang of thieves, and so his efforts are wasted. The wife of Wang Lungs uncle- The wife of the uncle reminds me of the matchmaker from fiddler on the roof. She is the village gossip. She is lazy and manipulative. This trait seems to run in the family. Wang Lung?s Third son and second daughter- These two children are twins. The boy is disappointed with his family and his father?s goals for him and becomes a revolutionary. Wang Lung?s daughter

is promised to Liu?s son. Wang Lung fears her virginity so he sends her to live with Liu. Lotus- After O-Lan Wang Lung becomes obsessed with a village prostitute named Lotus. He finally purchases her as a concubine. His obsession lessens after Lotus insults his first-born daughter. Lotus soon becomes more submissive towards his authority ?But the old man heard only these words, ?sell the land? and he cried out and he could not keep his voice from breaking and trembling with his anger, ?Now evil, idle sons-sell the land? and eventually grows fat from luxurious foods. This is one of the last quotes in the book. The son?s talk drives Wang Lung over the ledge. He thinks they are crazy. After all the land brought them all this money. We can see the cycle of the House of Hwang begin

over at the end of the story. Maybe it has to do with that house! Bibliography The Good Earth