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bought Lotus to satisfy his needs. The Land: the land was a symbol of Wang and his family’s roots. It means a lot to him, since he has worked on it his whole life. He tells his sons that they must not sell the land; if they do, they will be selling their roots. He also tells them that they came from that land, and that is where they will go. Hair Braid: Wang’s hair braid symbolized his position in the society, a farmer. When he cut it off, it meant that he was no longer a commoner ; he was now one of the elite classes. House of Hwang: this house symbolized greatness, wealth, and prosperity, since a once honored and wealthy family had lived here. When Wang bought the house, he felt that wealth, honor, and prosperity. He felt that he had finally achieved power. Opium: opium was

a symbol of false happiness for Wang’s uncle and wife, but it was a symbol of peace for Wang, since his uncle and aunt were so drugged and “happy” that they did not bother him with their problems. 9. Imagery Water on the Land: ” The Water rose and lay like a great sea, lovely and idle, mirroring cloud and moon and willows and bamboos whose trunks stood submerged.” This gives the reader the sight that Wang Lung saw when the waters graciously flooded his lands: beautiful and breathtaking. Locusts: During the time that the locusts invaded Wang’s lands, they were descridbed as ” a dark cloud of destruction.” The reader can see that the locusts bring harm with them, since they had eaten most of the crops. House of Hwang: ” the long verandas supported by the delicate,

red-varnished pillars.” This gives the reader a sense of greatnes, with its detailed carvings in pillars and intricate designs . The house was once a great house, and when Wang sat in the great chair, he felt that power and greatness. 10. Title Significance The significance of the title to the work is that no matter how many problems Wang Lung ran into with his land, it was always there. When he left for the South, he knew that the land would always be there, and when he returned home, it would be waiting. The earth, or land, he lived on gave birth to him, his father, and his family. The land was their roots, and it meant a lot to him. ANother significance is that the land brought Wang and his family wealth beyond any they had seen before. The crops grew each year bringing them

a bountiful harvest, therefore being a “Good Earth.” 11. Authors Techniques Simile- “She is like a flower on a quince tree” This decribed Lotus’ beauty, and how much Wang thought of her physical attributes. “like a child fixed upon eating.” This described Wang’s father, since all he did was ask for food and never did any work around the house. Metaphor- When Wang’s father gave him words of wisdom. ” why are you wasteful? Drinking tea is eating silver” Historical Allusion- Since buck lived in China when they began to drive out the Americans, she interpreted it into her story. Personification- “the sun mounting the horizon clouds” describes how the sun rose in the day and seemed to rest upon the clouds. Repetition- Wang Lung kept referring back to his

land, and how much he loved it. Buck probably used this technique to show that Wang Lung care for the land as if it were his own child.