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is very forceful, and he has the power to be since he is the leader of the bandits known as the Redbeards. These two have taken advantage of Wang Lung’s fortune and prosperity; they show absolutely no compassion or gratitude towards Wang at all. Pear Blossom: YOung and beautiful, she is a slave at the house of Wang Lung. She was bought in a year of famine and since she is very delicate, did not do very many tasks except for assisting Cuckoo in her duties with Lotus. She is loyal to her mistress and begs for her forgiveness when Lotus is told of Wang’s dsire for her. Ching: Ching was Wang’s farmer and neighbor. He was also one of Wang’s closest friends. Wang treated Ching as an equal, since they were both close friends and Ching was one of Wang’s most trusted laborers.

When Ching dies, Wang cries at the loss. He cared for Ching deeply, and shows this by deciding to be buried as close as he can to Ching. 5. Settings House of Wang Lung: Here is where Wang Lung and his father lived. It gives the reader a sense simplicity as well as hardships since the house was small and quaint, but Wang had to work all day and every day just to be able to feed himslef and his father. South: Wang Lung and his family must retreat to the south since therehad been a great drought and famine in the north. Here in the South, Wang’s family is forced to beg for money so they can survive. The reader gets a sense of fright, since the family is forced to survive in an unknown land where everything is new to them. There is also a sense of not belonging, since all of the

southerners see Wang and his family as outsiders and dirty farmers. House of Hwang: This is where Wang Lung finally feels as though he has achieved greatness. The reader feels a sense of greatness as well as honor, since this was once the house of the most prosperous and most honored family in northern China. Here Wang Lung realizes just how wealthy he has become, and how much he has accomplished. In this house, he has a sense of triumph, for now it is known as HIS great house, not the House of Hwang. 6. Plot Summary In the beginning, Wang Lung is a farmer who is constantly working in the fields to help feed him and his father. He eventually has the want for a wife, so he goes to the House of Hwang to recieve a slave as his bride. He is content with her and takes her home. This

wife of his bears him his first son. She stays in the room by herself, and Wang Lung waits until he is needed. She calls him in, and he rejoices at the birth of his first son. Eventually, she has another son and also a daughter. This daughter is interpreted as a bad omen. A drought comes upon the land and Wang Lung and his family is forced to move temporarily to the South. Here his family is forced to survive by begging for money. Later during their stay, a mob storms a rich man’s house and that is when Wang steals money from the rich man to get back home. When he returns home, he realizes that there is nothing left. He uses the money that he stole from the rich man to replace those items that were stolen by the Redbeards. He also buys items to help him once again work his

fields. He eventually becomes rich and prosperous; his sons have become scholars and have married well. His love for his harlot Lotus has faded, and he finds new love in Lotus’ slave, Pear Blossom. She stays with him until his death, and Wang’s sons are prosperous as well, but they plan to sell the land on which they were born. 7. Major Theme The major theme of this story was basically “you get out of it what you put into it,” meaning whatever Wang Lung put into his land (hard work, his life) he recieved good results and was able to become wealthy and make a name for himself among the merchants in the village. Wang Lung worked very hard on his fields; he spent his whole life working on it, trying to make his crops boom with bountiful harvests. Wang Lung cared for he land

as if it were his own children, if not more. If he had not put all of his hard work, blood, and sweat into his fields, he would never have become wealthy and prosperous. 8. Symbols Red: in this story, red symbolized good luck as well as good fortune. When O-lan gave birth to Wang’s first son, he bought eggs and dyed them red to show that he has had good fortune since he had a son. Satin: satin was a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Mostly wealthy families only wore satin. When Wang became rich, he began to wear satin and silk to show that he was now wealthy. It made Wang feel a though he was no longer a common farmer. Lotus: Lotus was also a symbol of wealth, since only wealthy men could afford to have a harlot. When Wang became rich, he began to tire of O-lan, so he went and