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his wife. Margot Ashton, along with being Johnny Fontaine’s wife, was described as a beautiful woman with an angelic face, soulful violet eyes, and delicately fragile but perfectly formed body. Anthony Coppola was a son of a man Don Corleone had worked with on the railroad yards in his youth. Billy Goff was the most powerful man in the movie labor unions. All in all the book is more likely to describe in detail about the characters. The scene where Genco Abbandando has cancer and is visited by Don, Johnny, Sunny, Tom, Michael, and as well as others in the hospital is also excluded in the movie. Three days later Genco Abbandando dies. The book started out with Amerigo Bonasera in New York Criminal Court Number 3 for a case involving his daughter. The case was based on vengeance

on the men who had cruelly hurt his daughter. After thinking about why the book started out with the case and its significance, I didn’t find any evidence in its connection with the book. The case was not included in the movie, which comes to my second difference between the literature and the film. Other setting that differs from the film is that the book lacked mentioning of Don Vito Corleone’s wife. In general, I feel that women were not important to the characters and the outcome of the story. Still the theory of women not having rights holds to be true with Mario Puzo’s work. Mary Kay was really the only female character in the novel that has much bearing as to what goes on. If I were the one to write the novel I would have stressed more women roles. Could there be any

conflictions with the wives of the male characters as to how and why they killed other people? Those type of issues were not addressed in the book that could be very likely to happen in those type of situations. Paulie Gatto was on the Godfather’s hit list now. Paulie Gatto was one of the Godfather’s caporegimes (bodyguard) and was being replaced by Rocco Lampone. Rocco Lampone worked for the Godfather as an internship for a little while. The scene consisted of Clemenza, Rocco Lampone, and Paulie Gatto. The Godfather found out that Paulie Gatto was getting paid by Sollazo and didn’t want an unfaithful man as his bodyguard. The difference lies in that Clemenza made a stop to eat at an Italian restaurant before killing Paulie. The book has its differences with the dialog from

the movie. The first reference to that is when the book basically states that the laws don’t work for justification purposes, but the Mafia does. The Mario Puzo uses a couple of words that are not used in the movie, for one being caporegime. As mentioned before, a caporegime is any of the bodyguards of Don Vito Corleone. My assumptions are that it is an Italian word. Another word used in the book, but not in the film is pezzonovante. Pezzonovante is a word that means gun. Just like caporegime, it is also an Italian word. The time in Michael Corleone’s life after he shot Solazzo and Captain McCluskey where he is hiding from the police presents another difference in dialog. While being in Italy, there is some conversation in the movie where others are speaking in Italian. The

book is strictly written in English so the Americans can understand it. The Godfather written by Mario Puzo and the film directed by Francis Ford Coppola have more similarities than differences. The similarities can’t all be pointed out, however some can be brought out. The main topics of interest for similarities are violence, Don Vito Corleone, and Michael Corleone. The way that Jack Woltz’s horse, Paulie Gatto, Sonny Corleone, and Luca Brasi were killed in the same fashion from the movie to the book. Jack Woltz’s horse Khartoum is a retired bred that was purchased for six hundred thousand dollars. The reason the horse came about was because Tom Hagan was there to visit/request that Johnny Fontaine get the part for the next movie. Being that Jack Woltz was the most

powerful man in the movie industry, he could be very resourceful for Johnny Fontaine to become famous. Jack Woltz denied the grant for Johnny’s part in the movie so Don Vito Corleone had Jack’s most precious thing killed. Jack Woltz could only wish that his horse be more head strung. Paulie Gatto was killed like mentioned before; the simple fact that he was being paid off by ( Solazzo ) one of the Godfather’s enemies. Rocco and Clemenza took Paulie to a field and killed him where Clemenza supposedly had to go to the bathroom. Sonny Corleone ( Santino ) was killed and set up after Connie Corleone and Carlo Rizzi got into a fight. Sonny when finding out that Carlo Rizzi had hit Connie, he went to go after him. There was prior animosity between Carlo and Sonny because Sonny