The Goal Of Life Essay Research Paper

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The Goal Of Life Essay, Research Paper The goal of Life Since the beginning of life people have always believed in a higher power. Whether it is God, moksha, karma, or jina every religion has a goal in life for its followers. Everyone is searching for the meaning of life, the greater picture, their destiny, but many people have no clue where to start. So, many seek out a religion. Religion helps people find their goal for life through a structured environment. When you examine each religion and it s goal for life it seems as if each religion has something different to say. In reality each religions goal is the same, the steps to reach the goal are just carried out differently. The common theme is that one should live a good life and eventually die and end up in a peaceful

place. Buddhism has a very structured idea of the goal of life. They have this because they believe life is in constant change and as humans we don t expect it and we settle. By settling one never can achieve the ultimate goal of life or Nirvana. Buddhist believes that people are in a constant state of Samsara. Samsara is rebirth. There is only one way to obtain release from samsara. First, one has to follow the four noble truths; to live is to suffer, desire is the cause of suffering, ending suffering can happen by ending desire, and ending suffering happens by following the eight fold path. The eight-fold path has three main goals; face life objectively, be nice, and cultivate inner peace. The eight fold path is right; understanding, intention, speech, action, work, effort,

meditation, and contemplation. It is believed that by following these steps one can be free form samsara and have obtained Nirvana. The only problem is that Buddhist say reaching nirvana rarely happens. Hinduism and Buddhism are very much alike. Hindu s believe there is Maya. Maya is something that keeps us from seeing the world as it really is. As humans we naturally assume the world is permanent, but in reality it is ever changing. Hindu s also believe in karma. Karma is what determines our rebirth. The ultimate goal of life for Hindu s is moksha. It is freedom. Freedom from rebirth. This can be achieved by devotion to a deity and finding something to do and doing it unselfishly. In Hinduism there are stages of life. By believing and following these stages of life it helps to

reach the ultimate goal of life. There are four stages of life. Brahmacharin is the first stage, it is being a student. In this stage a religious foundation is created. This stage last between the ages of eight and twenty. A person studies religion and must be celibate. Grihashta is the second stage, this is being a householder. This is an arranged marriage around the age of twenty. The sole purpose of this stage is to focus on family and the children. Vanaprastha is the third stage, this is retiring. Someone is able to retire when grandchildren come along. When they retire they study religious works. Sannyasin is the fourth stage, this is renunciation. This stage can only happen after retirement. This stage is sometimes compared to being a hermit. There are four goals of life in

Hinduism. The first is kama or pleasure. The second is Artha or economic security and power. The third is Dharma or fulfilling one s social and religious duty. These three goals can be achieved simultaneously. The fourth and highest goal is moksha or complete freedom. Christianity also has an ultimate goal for life. That goal is to live a good life, die, and have your soul go to heaven to be with God. There are many different types of Christianity. The Orthodox branch is centered on the doctrine of the trinity. The trinity is the father, son, and Holy Spirit. Roman Catholic is also a branch of Christianity. The pope is the head. Catholics believe salvation does not come from perfection of a person but through forgiveness. Catholics believe in the seven sacraments. These help