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wall of a brewery. This was assumed to be the general location of the Globe. Wanamaker invited architects to a meeting and they discussed the Globe in 1969. An architect named Theo Crosby attended and later became the head architect. The following year Mr. Wanamaker established “The Shakespearean Globe Playhouse Trust” and leased a .8 acre lot across from the brewery on Bankside. From 1982 to 1986, the trust had problems with leasing arrangements, but they finally won a 125-year lease and the next year ground breaking occurred. Meanwhile, architects used the “Long View” drawings and combined them with the modern blueprints of the city to find relative height and accurate location of the former structures. With the help of the illustrations the remains of the Rose Theater

and the Globe were discovered in 1989 approximately 200 yards from the reconstruction site. With all the new information such as the illustrations and discovered foundations the figure of the Globe came out of the gray and into focus. The new Globe was then being constructed but it was not a perfect replica, because some of the details were almost impossible to duplicate. Traditional techniques were used through much of the Globe’s replication. Authentic joinery was used in making the beams and posts to form 20 sections or bays Green oak was used which was common in the theatres of the 1600’s. The replication of the Globe had the pillars on the stage for authenticity. The design is still altered at points such as the halls and doors needed widening to meet code. Plumbing was

installed for sprinklers and electricity was there for artificial lighting and filming. Naturally the maximum occupancy was also decreased from 3000 to 1400. After the finishing touches were applied the Globe complex opened in August of 1994. An exhibition was held including many exhibits. The dreams of many people were finally fulfilled and a similar replica was finally completed. Bibliography I had to do a report after studying shakpeare and i found this on the internet, i used it like it is but you may want to change it to your own words.