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The Giver Report Essay, Research Paper In a community that is all the same lives a boy named Jonas,who discovers he is very different. Jonas is the main character in this book called The Giver. The theme of this book called The Giver is clearly represented by freedom, the right to make your own choices, uniqueness, and individuality are worth dying for. In Jonas’s community, a commitee selects one’s job, war is unheard of, all people wear the same attire, and all are assigned spouses and familes. When Jonas is given the special, wonder-filled occupation of becoming the Receiver of Memory, he finds that there is much more to life. Through his task of becoming the Receiver of Memory, he discovers the meaning of love, pain, frustration, color, and cold. That is when Jonas

realizes how much more there really is. Life soon becomes overwhelming unbearable in his world of “sameness.” He finds life isn’t worth living without the qualities (often that we take for granted) he discovered. That is when Jonas goes on a dangerous journey to find a land that is different. Why would you be attracted to a controlled community like Jonas’s where efficiency is the order of the day? Maybe,if you try you might be able to change the community the way you want it to be, then it’s going to turn out to be your benefit. These are 5 examples to describe sameness in the community. 1. a commitee selects one’s job. 2. war is unheard of. 3. all people wear the same attire. 4. all are assigned spouses. 5. all are assigned familes. The Giver desires a change in

sameness because she is uncomfortable about his community’s way of living such as this event for instant Jonas stood for a moment beside his bike, startled. It had happened again: the thing that he thought of now as “seeing beyond.”This time it had undergone that fleeting indescribable change. As he looked up and toward her going through the door, it happened; she changed. Actually, Jonas thought, trying to recreate it in his mind, it wasn’t Fiona in her entirety. It seemed to be just her hair. And just for that flickering instant. He ran through it in his mind. It was clearly beginning to happen more often. First, the apple a few weeks before. The next time had been the faces in the audience at the Auditorium, just two days ago. Now, today, Fiona’s hair.