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The Giver Essay, Research Paper The Giver Some say when you have the freedom to chose you really have no freedom at all. Many countries don t give their citizens the right to make their own decisions. In the book The Giver Jonas and his society are denied the freedom to choose which can be both good and bad. There are many disadvantages to not being able to make your own decisions in life. When Jonas heard that Gabriel is going to be released he is shocked. If he would have had the freedom to choose he would have been able to talk to the board of elders about letting the infant go. Gabe and his caretakers have no choice whether or not he can continue his life. When Jonas gets his assignment he has no say if he doesn t like it or not. If the people of his society could choose

their own futures they would be a lot more relaxed. If Rosemary, the Givers daughter, had gotten to pick her own job, the community wouldn t have had to bear with the pain and suffering of the memories that she lost. Because nothing is ever perfect, or ever will be, sometimes you just have to live in an unfair world. Everything in the world has it s flaws but there is also some advantages to not being free. The government can control the peoples everyday lives so they will not know the difference of being free and not being free. They can censor everything Jonas sees and does so he won t get the idea that their way of living is not fair. The leaders can also change what the people know about the history of the outside world so they will not have any negative thoughts. People will

not have to learn from their own mistakes by doing something they would regret in a real world. Jonas wouldn t be able to decide that he didn t want to obey the rules and make his own decision that he would want to take back. If a elder made a bad decision nobody could ever criticize him. In conclusion not being able to elect what you want to do is excellent for the government but not always good for the people. Jonas town, some say, works better not being free, but they don t know any better because they have conformed to the system that their leaders have chosen for them. When you give someone guidelines to live by you town will be more successful but there will always be something different about a person who can t choose for themselves.