The Girl

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The Girl – Samantha Essay, Research Paper It had been about two years since Samantha?s last date with Tim. They had gone out for dinner to a three-star Italian restaurant downtown. Tim had, all of the sudden, remembered that he had not brought his wallet along so Samantha had to charge it to her credit card, herself. He, then, asked for some cigarettes, before taking him home. She never saw or spoke to Tim, again, and had pretty much given up on dating. Samantha sat a small round table, twiddling her thumbs in front of the place setting before her. Connor had left to go to the restroom while they were waiting on there order. She looked up as he came smoothly, strolling, in, almost gliding from the west end of the restaurant. He smiled at her as he approached the table. She

half smiled back, and blushed a bit. He sat down across from her and cleared his throat while taking his cloth napkin from the table and placing it on his left thigh. ?So, Samantha. Uh, what do you do.? He asked with spunk in his voice. ?Well, I am a bank teller at First National on the west side, it attend night classes at the University. My major is secondary education.? ?So you like children!? he replied with a bit of enthusiasm in his voice. ?Uh, no. Actually I cannot stand kids, but I figure I can probably deal with teenagers, and teaching is the only thing I really see myself enjoying for a living, though, I do like my job at the bank. Katie tells me that you?re in med school.? Katie was Samantha?s best friend and only friend. She worked with her at the bank. She was one of

those people who everyone seems to have as a friend at one time or another in their lives. She always had something to say and advice to give. She was always calling Samantha on the phone, and of course she did all of the talking. She, actually, didn?t know very much about Samantha at all, but Samantha was fine with that. Katie always knew what was best for Samantha and exactly what she needed at any given time to add a little flavor to her life. First on Katie?s list of things to make Samantha happy was a boyfriend, with whom she needed to have a sexually active relationship with. Katie never mentioned how she met and knew Conner. Samantha never asked. Connor answered, ?Yes it?s pretty tough. Generally, I never have the time to enjoy myself on go out on dates, especially with my

courses and studies this year.? ?Tell me about it. I can hardly *censored*ing balance my life with my job and my simple ass studies. I only have a few night classes a week. You must be a smart one, because I don?t see how you do it.? Conner smiled. ?So are you from New York originally?? ?No. I?m, actually, from Buffalo.? ?Columbus, Ohio? ?Oh, really. I think I had a great aunt or something who lived there.? ?Is Buffalo where all of your family lives, now?” ? Well, actually, I don?t have any family. Both of my grandparents passed before I was born, and my parents were the only children in both of their families. My mother is dead,? she replied uncaringly. Conner blushed. ?I am sorry,? he replied embarrassed. ?Oh, It?s okay. You don?t have to be sorry. She died when I was eleven

years old. Sometimes it?s hard for me to remember her.? ?Can I ask why?? Conner asked timidly. ?I don?t know,? she said. ?It was really hard for me to handle it. Right when I *censored*ing needed her the most in my as a little kid, she decided to give up on life, on me, and on my father. She was a coward and selfish, and I have no respect for her at all,? she said firmly. There was silence, and then Conner tried to ask a question. ?Did, uh, she, uh.? ?Oh, yeah. She went and blew her heads off. I came home from school one day and there she lied. It was pretty disgusting, too. Her head was really swelled up and there was blood every-*censored*ing-where. I dropped my bag, and plopped down on floor, Indian style, staring at her dead body. I sat there for about for an hour or two