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without water for weeks or months as a time. This is amazing because even humans can?t go one week without water. Giraffes only have seven vertebrae in their neck. Giraffe?s necks are extremely long so it?s a wonder why they only have seven. They spend sixteen to twenty eating a day. All giraffes do during their day is feast upon the many magnificent grasses and berries of the wild. Giraffes also stand up to sleep. It would be very difficult to support that much weight while sleeping. Giraffes have proven to be very interesting to many people of the world. Scientists that study the different animals can learn a lot. There are so many things to learn about the many different species of animals that roam the earth. Zoology has taught many things to everyone over the millions of

years. Scientists have discovered numerous things about these giant beautiful beasts including: cellular organization, communication, and when they were first discovered. Giraffes are not only the prettiest but the most interesting animal on this planet.