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her very soul, were looking into the hedges waiting for an attack. Vanya avoided his eyes. ?My, my, does not thou lady look regal as any mere queen this even.? Said Dravam as he took Vanya down the dimly lit street. ?Oh but me lord does look fit ?anough ta take tha? fair lady out tonight.? She said in the peasant brogue. ?Where is it we are going tonight, Dravam?? ?Ahh, but that would spoil what I have in store for you my fair Vanya.? Dravam said with a touch of mystery in his voice. ?Oh, do tell. Please. Pleeease.? She whined. ?Nay, my lady it would spoil this wonderful evening with you. I can?t for then you would not want to go.? Dravam said with a mystical smile on his handsome face. ?Awww.? As they walked down the street they came across a tavern with a storyteller acting out

tales, long forgotten, to the tune of a harp. As they reached the outskirts of the large town Dravam took a narrow path that looked like it had never been used before. Walking down the path they came to a river that looked like it was fire; the sunset cast a magnificent array of colours upon the world. Pink; red; yellow; orange; all blended into one. They both sat there admiring the site, when a tear rolled down Vanyas? cheek. ?What is wrong, my lady. Do you not like what I have to offer you?? Dravam asked with concern in his voice. ?No, it is not that; it is just? it isn?t fair.? She said in a trembling voice. ?Can we please go now?? she got up and started walking away. Dravam took one last look at the fiery river then followed. He sensed that he shouldn?t ask what was wrong; so

instead he cuddled her. She welcomed it. When they reached her front gate, he noticed that it stood open, when Vanya had shut it when they left. ?Where you expecting anyone?? He asked. Vanya looked at the gate and shook her head. ?I?ll go first.? As he reached the gate he felt the cold hard metal of a knife slide through his ribs. The last thing he remembered before it went black was the face of Vanya with tears streaming down her face. Ti’boh woke with tears running down his face. He hated his memories. Why did they keep on haunting him? Why? It wasn?t his fault; he would have run away and hide, he would have? he really would. He would have killed himself, had the entire human population and some others not depended on him. He couldn?t run away from that. But now he wished he

did. The books didn?t even remember his name properly. It was said that: ?towards the end of the war General Darvam ti?Mcnas Basher turned to the Shadow, in the hopes that he would be made supreme ruler of the living, following orders from Haels?Gerai Himself. The supreme ruler of the dead; trying to break through the Hold into the world of the living.? The world thought he was a Damned One. Someone that followed the Shepard of the Night. It was not fair! True he was taken to the Hold. He even talked to the Banished One. But the disgusting evil twisted thing tortured him! Tortured him beyond recognition. For years all he felt was pain. Pain, like nothing he had ever felt before. Sometimes when he was allowed to stay in his cell without pain it hurt even more. He hated not being

in pain more than he did being in pain. He hated it more because he could think. He could think about his life before he was captured, that gave him a pain in his heart. He could think about what they would do to him next, that gave him a pain in his stomach. He could think about himself. That gave him a pain in his head. The world thought he went over to the Shadow! He should have just to spite them! To make it worse it was Vanya who turned him in. His love was a Damned One. That was when the books said he turned to the Shadow. But before that there was the Battle of Demons. He could remember it well. General Dravam ti?Macnas Bashere Commander of the Armies looked into the wind. The wind smelt dead. Worse than dead. Behind him the massed humans of all the world armies joined

together were in full uniform and armed to the teeth. They had even made an alliance with the Elves and Dwarves in the hope to out number the Demon armies. Now their numbers topped over twelve million. One third of that was the humans. Now with the Elven Archers and Swordsman, and Dwarven Axemen and Mace-Wielders; on top of the Human, Pikemen, and the Elite; they could easily face the Demon Hordes. The Human Elite were the most advanced swordsmen; axemen; crossbowmen; and trappers. Then all had heavy cavalry; cavalry archers; light cavalry; lance men, and the Knights. With the trappers they hoped to destroy about half of the Demon army. But if the news of what the scouts brought back they were outnumbered at least two to one. He shuddered to think of the ground space they took