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being able to vote for the president and the 45 members of the National Assembly. These people then represent the people by voting on all bills and laws passed by the senate. Before The Gambia became under republic rule, it was governed by the military after they threw over the government in1994 soon to be re- overthrown by the people of The Gambia. NATIONAL ANTHEM: FOR THE GAMBIA OUR HOMELAND For The Gambia, our homeland We strive and work and pray, That all may live in unity, Freedom and peace each day. Let justice guide our actions Towards the common good, And join our diverse peoples To prove man’s brotherhood. We pledge our firm allegiance, Our promise we renew Keep us, great God of nations, To The Gambia ever true. MY TRIP TO GAMBIA: For my trip to The Gambia I plan to

take off from the San Diego international airport on a 6am flight. I should reach Florida at about 12noon where I will have a lay over for 2 hours while they refuel and prepare the flight. After the wait I will board the flight and reach The Gambia at about 8am the next day. I?ll have reservations at the hotle for the day I arrive. I plan to have such a severe case of jet lag as to render me bed ridden for the next 2 days. After I recover I will spend another 2 days exploring the sites around the hotel in eastern The Gambia. After those days are up I will hop on a small charter boat and take the river east until I reach the west coast of Africa. This trip should take 3 weeks. After I arrive at the coast I will stay at the beach for 2 days then head to the capital ad stay there

for 3 days. After that, I will take off from a local airport and head the same back as the way I came.