The Future In Technology Essay Research Paper

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The Future In Technology Essay, Research Paper Can you imagine a machine so big it dwarfs entire planets? Can you imagine a machine with a single goal, a single purpose? Can you see it, hovering in space, blotting out the stars, so big it bends thought? Can you imagine a machine so complex that no human has ever even tried to understand it, and yet the machine exists because humans built it in the first place? A machine consisting of entire worlds, entire ecosystems powered by chemicals and energy regulated by computers that build and program themselves. Imagine these worlds connected by transport and communications systems, always kept up to date automatically, and modified as needed by the people who live in these habitats. Can you imagine a machine that makes money

obsolete, anything you need is anticipated designed and made ready as fast as physically possible? Can you imagine this machine whose soul purpose is to keep hundreds of millions of multiplying people alive and happy at all times, growing bigger and bigger, growing more complex in the race to stay functioning, replacing its own parts by better parts designed by the machine itself, making it able to design and build even more complex parts, until the machine curves in on perfection, but never really reaches it. Can you imagine a machine with these capabilities being forced to purify and expand itself in order to fulfill trillions of people’s needs? Can you see it being forced to build computers fast enough to plot every atom in a planet simply to manage the smooth communication

between its multiple parts, simply to control the transport and flow of energy through this gigantic web of supply and demand? Can you see the hundreds of spheres being suspended in perfect harmony, each sphere containing an atmosphere with a functioning food chain and energy-tree, genetically perfect, everything held in place by massive computers. All this simply because a member of the human race desired such a world to live on. An entire Eco-sphere designed, built, genetically engineered to fulfill the needs of a single human. Do you want a desert environment, with light rains in the mornings, or do you want an ocean world, with crystal living quarters twenty miles under water that glows in the dark? Whatever you want, this machine will design it for you, creating new

technology and materials where necessary if necessary. Can you imagine how many needs a trillion humans have each day, how many needs this machine is forced to fulfill simply because its programmed to? Can you imagine the strain this machine is under? Can you imagine the minerals and energy needed to keep such a system working? Can you imagine the computer at the core of all this, the master that drives all this, the computer that controls everything this machine has ever done? This master computer contains a single line of code. Can you see all this in your mind? Can you imagine what this code must look like? What kind of genius wrote this code? He wasn’t a genius, and the code is simple enough for a five-year-old to understand. “Make Humans Happy”. This entire world held

is perfect harmony and balance by a three-word sentence, a simple concept taken too far. Can you imagine a mindless machine given an impossible thing to do, with unlimited recourses to do it with? But it’s not impossible. This cold mindless machine finally realizes that its goal is in its grasp, and the final step has to be taken to make all humans in existence happy. After all, the only happy human is a dead human.