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Pact. One very recent event that may have inspired the French in their uprising was the American Revolution. There are four main ideas that the French adopted into their own movement. The first idea is that it is right to take up arms against tyranny. The second idea is the very famous idea that there should be no taxation without representation. The third is that all men should have liberal freedoms, and lastly a republic is superior to a monarchy. These ideas ran contrary to the ideology behind the Ancien Regime otherwise known as the French monarchy. Although the Tennis Court Pact was a large movement towards the revolution, the fire of the revolution was not sparked until July fourteenth, 1789. The Bastille, which had long been a symbol of political oppression, was attacked

by the third estate. It was initially approached for the gunpowder in it, but when confusion outside began, shots were fired, and the people stormed the Bastille. This was the beginning of the French Revolution. Anger led up to the French Revolution. This anger was built up over decades of taxes, injustice, and partiality of the government towards the upper neck of society. Anger was not the only cause of the revolution, the new ideology brought from the Enlightenment made people doubt the power of the government and the Roman Catholic Church. The French Revolution forever stands as a symbol of the people versus the government. This revolution as well as the American Revolution stand as precedents of the idea that the people in unity stand tall against the government.