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humans. Should we, as humans, rely on robots or on their manufacturers (however wise and intelligent) to make this selection for us? Should abide by their judgement – which injury is more serious than the other and warrants their intervention? A summary of the Asimov Laws would give us the following “truth table”: A robot must obey human orders with the following two exceptions: That obeying them will cause injury to a human through an action or That obeying them will let a human be injured A robot must protect its own existence with three exceptions: That such protection will be injurious to a human That such protection entails inaction in the face of potential injury to a human That such protection will bring about insubordination (not obeying human instructions). Here is

an exercise: create a truth table based on these conditions. There is no better way to demonstrate the problematic nature of Asimov’s idealized yet highly impractical world.