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instance, objects such as trees are seen as being a-sexual, some frogs mate a-sexually. Winterson is attempting to point out an example of society?s boundaries on life. She implies that humans create definitions. Her point here is that there is only ambiguity in life. Jordan says ?We are no longer bound by matter, matter has become what it is: empty space and light.?(101) Winterson has used this quote for the basic outline of her story. This in turn also relates to the way she uses time. By allowing time to be bent, Winterson has been able to cross over to another dimension in time without loosing her plot. In Sexing the Cherry Winterson starts her story in seventeenth-century England and finishes it in the present. Her style is a bold and convincing one. At first, the style

seems confusing, but it becomes very easy to follow as it evolves. Winterson also assembles her chapters in a way that alternates speech between Dog Woman and Jordan. The chapters read Jordan?s views and adventures and then switch to Dog Woman?s. Some might argue that Winterson?s style is not that dissimilar to the average writer today. Although many writers today do have unusual styles and thoughts in their novels, Winterson has been able to do this successfully while putting across many mind-boggling thoughts to her readers. In Sexing the Cherry, Winterson discusses time, gender, goals, dreams, society, and existence in a non-coherent manner. The significance of these elements is that she makes sense to the reader. I very unusual element to Sexing the Cherry is the fact that

there is a whole chapter on a different story. The story of the twelve dancing princesses is placed in the middle of the novel. All stories are of love and how each one of the princess?s men left them. Heartbreak is the main theme of the chapter. Therefore, for Winterson to do this while not veering away from her main theme ads new dimensions to her novel. Winterson?s final sub hypothesis is do humans exist? If so, she demonstrates that there is no way humans can place themselves in a certain time frame. Although we might think we are living in the present, we can actually be dreaming all of this in another time frame. For instance, humans sometime know they are in a dream yet can?t do anything about it. Jordan says, ? I had a childhood, but I cannot assume to have had one I

remember.?(102) This is similar to most people who usually remember the good things of their past. Remembering that we wanted to be firemen, or land on the moon, are all memories that have stuck with us for a while. This is because we have chosen to remember them. Lives are very complex and diverse. To remember everything from our lives is simply impossible. Therefore, we usually remember those unforgettable moments, be it good or bad as well as those instances we enjoyed. To conclude Winterson?s point Jordan says ? The future and the present and the past exist only in our minds, and from a distance the borders of each shrink and fade like the borders of hostile countries seen from a floating city in the sky. Jordan says ?If someone is thinking me, then I am still free to come

and go. It will not be like chess, this thoughtful universe, it will be a theater of changing sets, where we could walk through walls if we wanted, but do not, being faithful to our own sense of the dramatic?(113). This is exactly what Winterson has been discussing throughout her story. At first one might infer that there is the way in which time cannot be concrete when we know so little of ourselves. If we dream and remember, then what are we to think of it? One can?t function without memory. Therefore the point is that if one can remember something he has experienced while being unconscious then time cannot be linear. Past lives, being reborn, afterlives are all simple thoughts, not occurrences. So where do we get these ideas? We get them from people like Jeanette Winterson.

These people have taken it upon themselves to change the way we think. We are no longer pieces on a chessboard following orders, and living without thought. We are human beings who realize our consciousness. Winterson has shown her audience how they can tell a story the way they want to. We as a society can live the way we want to, and we can do the things we want to. Ultimately, Jeanette Winterson has taken a risk worthwhile. As John Barton said, ?Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared to believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance.? Therefore, Humans shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time, as Jordan has. Sexing the Cherry