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The First Time Essay, Research Paper I had just finished my first day of work at my new job and was very optimistic. I was very happy when I heard Sophia and Vicki s voice on the answering machine, both asking me to go out with them. When I called Sophia back, she said that she had already talked to Christina, Diana and Danielle, and they were all ready for a girl s night out. We decided to meet at our favorite restaurant, Jack Astor s. Once our parents had dropped us off, we found out that there was a two-hour waiting list to eat. Sophia and Christina decided that they had a sudden craving for ice cream from the Baskin Robbins inside Colossus. In my head, I was thinking about how much I hate Colossus and all the twelve-year-old punks that hang out there. As we walked through

the parking lot, towards the theatre, I generously told my friends about my views on Colossus, and how I felt that the most pathetic thing in the world would be to meet a guy there. As we walked in, my friends scattered: Diana and Vicki went to play at the arcade, Sophia and Christina ran for their ice cream, and Danielle and I walked to catch up. As we strolled towards Baskin Robbins, Danielle started waving at a boy around our age. They both walked to meet each other and started to talk. It wasn t until I caught up with them that I noticed the handsome boy standing behind Danielle s friend. This boy was standing behind Danielle s friend with his bony, lanky arms crossed in front of his chest and his thin, long legs shoulder length apart. The guy that Danielle was talking to was

a classmate from elementary school, Mike. Both the other boy and I just stood behind our friends, looking around, it was than that I noticed his eyes, they were dark and brown were silent and round, but they did not say what he was thinking. It was not until Diana joined us that I found out that all four of them had gone to school together, and that the intriguing guy s name was Anthony. Once Anthony started to join in the conversation I had a better opportunity to look at him. I immediately noticed his beige cargo pants, that looked like they were the softest cotton, and must have felt like velvet. His Sketcher sneakers were scuffed up and his light gray sweater hung on his body. The five of us all pulled up seats around a little table, and I strategically placed my chair next

to Anthony s. I struck up a conversation with him and realized that he was not as shy as I had thought. It was then that I took in his lips as he talked to me. His lips were so soft there was no indication of where his mouth ended and his face began, except for the delicate pink of his lips. Once we started talking, I was immediately drawn towards his personality. He was charming and determined. He told me of his aspirations to create video games. He had his future planned out: he would go to University in Seattle, where there was a special video game school , and then work in a big company before starting his own. I found his ambition so appealing. The sense of security that he gave me was unexplainable, but I felt comfortable with him. After what seemed like just a few minutes

it was time for us to go eat. As my friends and I walked through the parking lot, I told Diana how disappointed I was that Anthony had not asked for my number. Diana said that she remembered him to be very shy, and that that might have been the case. Diana and I devised a plan to go back to Colossus and see if we could find him. We told our friends that I had dropped my keys, and that we would meet them in Jack Astor s. When we got to the theatre we looked all around, but couldn t find them. I was devastated; I thought that I had blown my chance, which fate had given me. I was disappointed in myself for letting him go. Back at the restaurant I told Sophia the truth, that I liked Anthony and hoped to find him at Colossus. Soph gave me the advice to just wait it out and hope to see