The First Snow Fall Essay Research Paper

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The First Snow Fall Essay, Research Paper The first fall of snow is not only an event, but it is a magical event. You go to the bed in one kind of world and wake up to find yourself in another, quite different. If all the snow fell at once in one shattering crash, the event would be robbed of its wonder. But it flutters down soundlessly hour after hour while we are asleep. And then, what an extraordinary change it is! Indeed, sometimes it’s hard to believe that such big a change can take place in a very short period of time. All what surrounds us changes and we change as well. Being a little boy, I never thought that there was something I had to like my parents for. In any episode I was sure that I acted right. My parents were on the wrong side. Having grown up, I have to

point out how wrong I was. All what could be do for me was done by my parents. All what could be given to me was given by them. Despite this, I never thought I had to appreciate them. I had in mind an idea that I was the one they had to love and esteem. I never thought about how fast they forgot my offends. But I always remembered all bad things they told me and never passed a chance to remind them about those phrases and words. I remember one event that took place when I was six. I’m not sure whether it happens in other families, but in our it did. I stole money. It was not much money, but I stole it from my own parents. The remarkable fact is that if I had asked for it [money] and explained what I had needed it for, I would have gotten it. Well, I did not. I was caught. My

parents prohibited me to watch TV for six months. They did it not because of our being short of money, but due to the every fact of steeling. Of course, I turned to be mad at them because, according to my attitude, there was nothing to worry about: money was found and returned. I did not get how hard it was for my mother and father to understand the fact that their own son is a thief. I started to cheat on them: I watched TV when nobody was home. They found it out. It was another stroke for them because they trusted me, but I lied to them. When my watching TV was no longer a secret for my parents they permitted me do it “legally.” I thought I won. Now I understand that I was wrong thinking this way. They just did not want to have me lie to them. Besides, I’m sure they had

forgiven me long time before they found out that I cheated on them. I have grown up. Now I regard many thing differently than I did it earlier. I can observe my mistakes that were in the past. I’m willing to admit that I did them. I confess to myself of acting not fair towards to my dad and mom. But I continue making mistakes and offending my parents. The difference is that now I know what is necessary to say in order to turn them mad. As for them, they know the sort of things I hate to hear. Now I’m well paid “behind the scene worker.” Imagine the situation. I need money in order to continue my education. But I don’t want to spend money I earned to pay the tuition, but I ask my parents to pay for me. I hide my money, so that my father and mother will help me to enter

the university. In other words, I steel money from my own parents again. It does not take much time for my parents to observe that I lied to them. The short conversation takes place. Although I’m willing to admit that I was wrong many times before, I’m absolutely sure this case is an exception. I go out of home, being sure that they will look for me. I feel offended. Indeed, my parents start to worry and look for me much faster than I expect. So, I stole money from my parents twice: being a young boy and a teenager. Does it mean that I do not change? I think it does not. I did alter. I learned how to forgive people. Maybe, it came to me from my mother and father. Maybe, their patience and willingness to live peacefully helped me to understand one thing: we are a family.