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The First Flight Essay, Research Paper There were sixty feet of air between the ledge of that cliff and the crest of the lake. As four sixteen-year-old boys climed to the top, we all gazed down to see what awaited. I can still remember thinking that it looked a lot farther away from the top that it did from the boat, but we all had something to prove that day. I first had to show my friends that I was not afraid of anything and that I would do anything to prove it, second to myself, I had to know that I didn’t have to be afraid of anything and if I was I could overcome it. But none-the-less those sixty feet could have been five thousand and jumping off that cliff was the last thing on my mind. Looking down I had a chance to observe my surroundings to ensure that no dangers

lurked. The cliff was in a cove and the water was very calm, there were not even any ripples from the passing ski boats. The cliff did not go straight down; it seemed to angle out almost not allowing enough room to make the up comming jump safely. As we debated on who was going to go first, Quinton spoke and said taht he would. We all backed off the trail that led to the edge to give him enough room to work, but it still provided the rest of us with a good seat. He started his charge and off the cliff he went, right into the water, just like we had planned, He seemed to just float off into the air like a jet rifling off a carrier. Seeing how peaceful it looked i knew it could be done and that put me more at ease. Next off the cliff was Sammy. With no hesitation he just ran right

off the cliff and into the lake. I now thought to myself, I couldn’t go last. So I ran back far enough to give myself plenty of room to pick up the necessary speed. I took a deep breath to swallow my fear, adn then I started my sprint toward the edge. The closer I got to the jumping point the quicker my heartbeat rose. The lake water became visible as I could almost see straight down. Three more steps, two more, one more, and I stopped. Not wanting to look down I heard the sounds of loose rocks and sand sliding down the cliff. Great I thought to myself, I’m here trying to prove something and overcome a fear and I stop with just one more step. As I regain my composure I deaded back to where I had begun. One more deep breath and I was on my way again. Three steps, two steps,

one step, none. I was overcome with the biggest rush of my life. I could almost feel my life leave me as I plummented to the lake surface. My peripheral vision narrowed as my tunnel vision focused on my exact landing spot. I angled my body to absorb the impact. My feet entering first, I felt the warm water surround my body as my feet entered the muck on the lake floor. Rising back to the top of the water I took in a big gasp of air and marveled at my accomplishment. The trip had ended just a quickly as it began. I had just done something that fear had prevented me from doing in the past and I had just over-came that. This does not mean that I would go ski diving or even bungee jumping tomorrow, but if it came down to jumping or not jumping, I know that i could do it just like I

did that day I jumped off that cliff.