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The First Amendment Essay, Research Paper THE FIRST AMENDMENT The Bill of Rights is one the greatest documents ever created. It was purpose was intended to help promote the freedom to think and hold an opinion. As the centuries passed the interpretation of the Bill of Rights, especially the First Amendment, have become blown out of proportion. The freedom of speech or the First Amendment empowers the people to say whatever they wish, with the exception of a few rules. Such rules include, you can not panic a crowd, a person can not tell government secrets to other countries for it will be deemed as treason, or a person can not threaten the life or well being of another. These rules to the First Amendment are very important, but more laws should be imposed and enforced to help

protect the people of modern times. Many celebrities and well-known people have the problem of privacy with the media. The freedom of press was first created to so that the press can say and write whatever they deem is worthy enough to called news. But the media have blown the power of the press out of the water. I recently saw a television news program which shows Kennedy Jr. being followed by the press on a Sunday morning. Kennedy confronted the reporter and the cameraman and told then to leave him and his family alone, but the journalist and the cameraman refused. This type of media is uncalled for. Laws should be imposed for the privacy of celebrities and well-known people. We sometimes forget that they are also people and that the hounding of the press is taking away their

private, personal life. Another type of rule that should follow the First Amendment is the regulation of the Internet. Porn and inappropriate material is published widely on the Internet. Even though the Internet is around the world, it should also have regulations that should guide it. Many people’s personal life are being captured and published on the web, without the consent of the individual. This type of press is also a violation of the well being of an individual. My friend, happens to be a very attractive young lady, has found an Internet web site dedicated to her. The site shows private photographs taken of her without her knowing. The site itself may be harmless, but motive of the publisher is unknown, thus making it frightening. This type of press should also be

banned, or regulated to help insure the common happiness of the people. The founders of the United States have made an example to the world of a country that is for the people and by the people. As a mentor to other nations, the United States should set a good example to the rest of the world. But if our own laws have such flaws in them, then other nations may also follow our example and the problem only increases. We should fix our problems before they are blown out of proportion in other nations also, so that we all can live in a world of happiness and freedom.