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The Fires Of Heaven Essay, Research Paper The fires of heaven The Fires of Heaven is the fifth book in the series ?The Wheel of Time? that I started a while back. It is by Robert Jordan and is fantasy. In this book, Rand al?Thor, now hailed as the Dragon Reborn, decides to attack Illian. Rand does not know that he is being lured into a trap by the nine remaining forsaken. One of them, Sammael by name, is the ruler of Illian. Meanwhile, in the White tower, the new Amyrlin, the head honcho of the Aes Sedai, is concocting weird new plans for Rand. Nothing comes of it in this book, but I?ll bet money something will happen later because of those plans. Siaun Sanche, the deposed and stilled Amyrlin, is arrested in Andor for barn burning. Literally. Rand is just getting ready to

attack Illian and wipe it from the face of the earth, when he receives word that Queen Morgase, his girlfriend Elaine?s mother, has been killed in Caemlyn. Several seconds later, Moraine, one of his teachers, dies in a kamikaze mission as she kills one of the forsaken that showed up to harass Rand. Rand becomes very angry because Caemlyn, the capitol city in Andor, is being controlled by the foresaken. This will be a major hindrance as his girlfriend, Elayne, is going to be Queen and lay claim to the throne. The name of the forsaken controlling Caemlyn is Rahvin. Rand then decides that his quest to conquer Illian can wait and proceeds to destroy Caemlyn. The main conflict in this story is man VS. man. Man VS. self also comes into play as Rand starts to go mad. Man VS. man is

obvious when Rand attacks Caemlyn and his thousands of Aiel fight the army of Rahvin in Caemlyn. There are about 500 Aiel, who have their way with the 10,000 ?kings guards? in Caemlyn, at little loss for themselves. There are only about 1,000 prisoners of the kings guard. Rand holds his sanity remarkably well, except for the voice of Lews Therin, which pops into his head. Lews Therin was the previous Dragon Reborn, and is a completely different volume of books for a different day. The Climax of this book is when Rand destroys Rahvin. ?Erases him from time? would be a better way of putting it. Rahvin lures Rand into tel?aran?rhiod (tel-AYE-rahn-rhee-ODD) in the Old Tongue, ?the unseen world? or ?the world of dreams.? This is a world glimpsed in dreams which was believed by the

ancients to permeate and surround other worlds. Many can touch tel?aran?rhiod for a few moments in their dreams, but few have ever had the ability to enter at will. Unlike other dreams, what happens to living things in the World of Dreams is real; a wound taken there will still exist on awakening, and if you die there, you will not wake up at all. Rand goes there in the flesh. However, when you enter that dream world you lose some part of what makes you human. Anyway, Rand follows Rahvin into tel?aran?rhiod and kills him with balefire. Balefire basically erases people from before now. The stronger the balefire, the farther back the events that person caused are erased. This was an appropriate ending because Rand appropriated a country that was directly to the south of Cairhein, a

country which he already had control over. It was a double bonus because he also managed to avoid the trap the forsaken had laid. The theme of this book is to give careful consideration of what you do and always look before you leap. If Rand hadn?t, at the last minute, decided to attack Caemlyn, he?d be dead. He got lucky this time. The Fires of Heaven is an amazing story. I’ve just read it for the umpteenth time, and I found it as engaging as ever before. The main character, Rand, shows an incredible growth in strength in response to the position he finds himself in. He seems to understand full well how everybody else has ulterior motives or hidden agendas where he is concerned. He alone seems to have a good view of the struggle, and he steels himself to do, or cause to be