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fears. Execution took place mostly hundreds of miles away. Even the people of Dachau were amazed and revolted when they saw what was happening in their own back yard. They could believe what went on right under their noses. It is clear from the sources that people wanted nothing to do with the Final solution, whether they are just defending themselves or honestly mean it. A lot of the sources have manipulated the evidence to make a case for the argument that Germans were Hitler?s willing executioners, but these sources may not be historically accurate or be representative of everyone?s opinion. The sources are also very subjective and a lot of them are personalised. They are all trying to say the same thing: ?I didn?t know anything; I didn?t want anything to do with it; I only

followed orders; how could I be an accomplice?? Some of the sources, particularly Himmler?s evidence appears to be trying to distance himself form the atrocities. Because these sources have the advantage of hindsight, we must therefore question their face value. In conclusion, it is impossible and far to simplistic to say that the German people were Hitler?s willing executioners.