The Final Solution Racial Cleansing Sources

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The Final Solution : Racial Cleansing Sources Question Essay, Research Paper Q1. To what extent do the views in Source D support the information on the Final Solution in Source A?Source A suggests that the mass murders carried out by the Einsatzgruppen took place to the east of Greater Germany. This is supported in source B: ?In the course of the Final Solution, the Jews should be brought to the East.? Source B goes on to say: ?Doubtless a large part will fall away through natural reduction. The remainder will have to be dealt with appropriately.? It should be noted the vague language is used to cloud responsibility for the extermination of the Jews. There is no suggestion in Source A as to how the Jews were to be ?separated by sex? or how those capable of work will join

labour camps; although it does suggest that Europe will be combed from west to east as mentioned in source B.Q2. Are similar sentiments of ruthlessness towards the Jews implied in sources C and D?Yes, but in different ways. The person in Source C seems to enjoy his work: ?We are ruthlessly making a clean sweep, with a clear conscience.? The source suggests that he passionately dislikes Jews, as he gives them a lot of abuse, bringing into question their sexual morality and their physical and mental ability. Source D expresses similar sentiments, but it seems to be much more sinister and ruthless, for Himmler was the man who masterminded the extermination of the Jews, while the officer in Source C follows the orders. We can see the enthusiasm at the end of Source D: ?This is a

glorious page in our history? Indeed, Himmler?s ruthlessness is much more cold and detached. Q3A. What was the Nazis? aim in publishing source E?This photo could have been used as propaganda to influence public opinion on the Jewish problem or to counteract rumours of Jewish maltreatment. The picture shows Jews in a camp wearing fur coats, ear muffs and being offered cigarettes! The picture would have allayed people?s fears because it suggested that the Nazis were compassionate towards its enemies. I would question the reliability of this source and be wary of what it suggests, as it is misleading. The ?Jews? in the picture many not have been Jews at all but camp guards dressed up for this staged photograph.Q3B. Do sources F and G suggest that the Nazis were successful in their

aim?Yes, Source E was meant to give a good impression of Jewish treatment; although we don?t know if either person saw Source E. The person in source F wasn?t necessarily fooled. Its suggested that she was a nazi supporter and could have convinced herself that nothing bad was happening, if she had seen source E, it would give her more reason to do so. The girl in Source G seems to be from a Nazi School and could have been ?programmed? to believe that the Jews were treated well; more so if an S.S. officer told her so. However, what she says is coloured by hindsight, casting some doubt upon its reliability.Q4. How does Source H attempt to represent the views of different Germans towards the final solution?Source H is an extract of the film ?Schindler?s List?. It is meant to

enlighten people on the treatment of the Polish Jews. Most of the Germans we see in the film are army officers; therefore, the source is not terribly representative of German public opinion. The views expressed by the Germans about the Jews are always negative, even those of Oscar Schindler; who is initially presented as being dismissive of the Jews, although he becomes like a saviour to them. The source should not be taken as entirely historically accurate because although it is meant to enlighten people about what happened, it is essentially for entertainment and was made by a Jewish director on a Jewish topic, making it subjective and we cannot say for certain that the views expressed applied to all S.S. men.Q5. Which of the Sources, J or I is more critical of the role of the