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integrated into one work of art– the most intriguing, well-written book of all time. That is phenomenal. In addition, Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey are a collection of writings from orators concerning Greek gods and culture. Moreover, Plato’s Republic is a collection of Socrates interpretations. All sources show evidence. In Western culture, pieces of work and ideas are being thrown around yet nothing is being put together. The pieces are still pieces. Nothing charismatic or captivating has come out of Western culture (at least nothing after 1900). Indeed, something has changed. In past times, coherent pieces of art could be put together because of the people’s faith in God and the faith of the salvation of man. Prior to 1900, people believed every thought and deed had a

larger purpose–good or bad. From aristocrats to peasants, all were in fear of committing sin. Values were actually values. A moral imperative was apparent. Presently, there are no signs of a moral imperative; only the indication that “god is dead”. With no belief in God, the pieces are not put together; they are just pieces with no meaning. Pop culture is persuasive. Unfortunately, the masses are neck deep. Currently, in this collaboration of junk, it is hard to establish which is good and meaningful or just plain, useless rubbish. In closing, the leveling process is spreading rapidly. Today’s culture is a collection of junk. Regrettably, this junk is our values. Proper values have diminished and are non-existent. This author too, knows very well that undeniably,

something has changed. In conclusion, we see that in all three examples shown above how peoples values can depreciate with no ambition, with no belief in some sort of salvation. In all aspects of human behavior, we can presently reveal that our society focuses on junk instead of focusing on the importance of ethics. The masses are so occupied in other pop culture paraphernalia that they are unfamiliar and dislike patrician values. Western civilization is falling rapidly. The values that were once imposed by family and religion are now polluted by mass media. It is certainly unmistakable that both family and religion are abruptly falling apart. All these selections exemplify how with no belief in god, with no ambition, man chooses to decline. With no moral imperative even those

who aim to act consistent with those values of utility, our subdued cultures have no standards by which they can progress. The values of Western society have sadly depreciated.