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this makes the application more likely to be accepted. If the appeal is also rejected, the asylum seeker is either then immediately deported, or fingerprinted and released on temporary admission.If the Home Office grants an immigrant asylum, they are given certain benefits so they have the basic amenities to live off. Firstly, every single asylum seeker granted admission is given a £25 voucher to spend in supermarkets to buy their food. In addition to this they receive ten pounds in cash as their ?pocket money?. The Home Secretary Jack Straw recently instructed that the supermarkets do not give change from the vouchers, as immigrants were spending the vouchers on something very small, such as a Mars Bar, then using the change to buy additional, non-vital purchases. The no-change

system also keeps the cost down of asylum seekers. On top, the immigrants are given housing benefits or free housing.Many people become very bitter by the hand-outs given to immigrants in this country. This can lead to prejudice, and violence against the immigrants. Many people do not believe it is right for asylum seekers to receive food vouchers, pocket money and housing benefits, while they have to work and struggle to pay for these. This makes racism worse, and attacks on asylum seekers on Glasgow housing estates has been in the media in the past. Currently Calais has a problem with violence as human trafficking gangs are having disputes.Another problem that is connected with asylum seekers and illegal immigrants is at the Home Office. The applications for entry to the

country has suffered a backlog and over 104,000 applications are waiting to be approved. This backlog occurred after the computerised administration system went wrong and at its worse, only 800 decisions were made in one month. The government has introduced new measures over the applications. An extra 600 million pounds has been given to help clear this backlog, and this also goes toward employing another 6,000 people to approve or rejection applications, and make the whole system much quicker. A new immigration and asylum act is being introduced this April to make it more difficult for asylum seekers to enter into the country. However,? this could make the number of illegal immigrants entering Britain rise, so there are increased checks on lorries coming into the Dover and

Folkestone ports. The government is also trying to spread the asylum seekers out over the whole of the United Kingdom as so many reside in Kent, the council there was struggling for its resources. It is evident how many asylum seekers there are when you walk around Margate in Kent and see them all in the bed and breakfasts. Another problem for the Home Office is that the cashless payment system with vouchers is a very complex process and currently costs three times as much to run as it would to just hand out the cash. It has gone round many times, where asylum seekers were not receiving their food vouchers for weeks on end and were literally starving. Many people are worrying because the first time ever, the number of immigrants entering the country has overtaken the natural

population growth, with migration figures standing at 140,000 per year, and natural population growth standing at 90,000 per year.In conclusion: