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level. For example, a dog probably, on seeing his owner after being left alone for the day, would have the physical reaction of noting the presence of and recognizing the owner. The dog might connect the return of the owner with a filling of his food dish and anticipate it with hunger. These would be determined reactions set both by the instincts of the animal and his past experiences, however, the dog might also feel the emotion of anger towards the owner for having left him alone for the day, and act out against him to show his displeasure. This would be an example of the dog working outside of or even against his instincts and exerting some level of control over his actions. This leads one to believe that a dog does have a minimal amount of free will, again within the

constraints of his physical environment. Lastly it is less difficult to decide the amount of the of free will that a rock has. A rock is affected by its physical environment, but has no means of decision making in order to act on its own. It therefore is affected solely by its environment and has no free will.