The Existence Of Aliens Essay Research Paper

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The Existence Of Aliens Essay, Research Paper Do you believe in Aliens or life on different planets? There are many people who believe they seen alien or U.F.O sightings, abductions, crashes and animal mutilations But is this all true? There have been many U.F.O sightings around the world one sighting was on June 24th 1947 Kenneth Arnold was flying over the Cascade Mountains when a set of nine strange looking objects flying across the sky. At first he thought they were reflections of the sun but after looking at them more closely he realized that they were objects flying in formation. The objects he saw had wings what were curved and shaped like a crescent moon. His next thought was that they were some new aircraft that the Air Force was developing and he started to time them

on his clock. He calculated that they were flying much faster than any aircraft he had read about. This was a strange case indeed was this alien space ships or was the government making aircrafts if so why where they never reviled. One of the first people to claim to have been abducted by Aliens where Betty and Barney Hill. During September 1961 they were driving back from a holiday in Canada through the White Mountains. They noticed a light that seemed to be following them they assumed that it was an airplane or helicopter. After driving for a while they were forced to stop the car because the light had descended rapidly and was now much closer. Barney got out to get a better look with the aid of his binoculars, and described the object as banana like with pointed tips and

windows. Barney started to walk slowly towards the craft, and it was only after several desperate calls from his wife’s that he returns to the car. He claimed to have see aliens through the window. At this they drove back home. However, they soon realized that more than an hour of time was ‘lost’ and noticed that the car had strange blotches on it. Betty reported it to Pease Air Force Base who confirmed that they had indeed tracked an unknown object around that time and location. Soon afterward Betty began having strange nightmares involving ‘aliens’. She consulted several doctors who suggested hypnosis. Dr Benjamin Simon who was amazed by what the couple were independently describing hypnotized both the Hills. They told of being taken onboard the UFO and having

‘medical’ tests performed on them. Betty also remembered being shown a ’star-map’ of where the aliens came from. Under further hypnotic sessions they were able to re-create the star map, which turned out to be very close to a known star system. Animal mutilations are very odd this is where someone or something takes animal parts. This is most happened to cows some believe aliens are responsible. They do this to study parts of animals. One story takes place in Saga Prefecture a farmer was awoken by the loud and non-stop barking of his dog. He went out to see what all the fuss was about, and was deeply upset and shocked when he saw his 12 month year old cow dead on the ground with its tongue missing and its udder removed. As a conclusion to my speech it is up to you if you

want to believe in aliens or not I hope that I gave you an interest in aliens remember keep watching the skis.