The Executive Branch Essay Research Paper COMPONENTS

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The Executive Branch Essay, Research Paper COMPONENTS OF EXECUTIVE BRANCHES U.S. EXECUTIVE BRANCH President Vice President Cabinet Executive Departments MARYLAND EXECUTIVE BRANCH Governor Lt. Governor Comptroller and Attorney General Executive Departments (e.g., Transportation, Health, Natural Resources, etc.) QUALIFICATIONS OF CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER U.S. PRESIDENT Age – at least 35 years old Residency – at least 14 years in U.S. Citizenship – natural-born citizen MARYLAND GOVERNOR Age – at least 30 years old Residency – a resident and registered voter in Maryland for five years TERMS OF OFFICE U.S. PRESIDENT – 4 years MARYLAND GOVERNOR – 4 years CABINET AND EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS U.S. CABINET Is composed of heads of executive departments Advises President Is

appointed by President; confirmed by Senate Serves as long as appointing President is in office and wants members to serve U.S. EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS Administer various areas of government, such as international affairs, national finances, use of resources, etc. MARYLAND GOVERNOR’S CABINET Is composed of heads of major departments Is appointed by Governor; confirmed by State Senate Serves as long as appointing Governor is in office and wants members to serve – Functions and Powers of Executive Branches The main function of the executive branch is to see that all laws are carried out. EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Approves or vetoes all bills passed by Congress Commands armed forces Develops U.S. foreign policy Appoints ambassadors and federal judges

Proposes laws and programs to Congress Prepares federal budget Grants pardons Administers federal programs and services through cabinet departments EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND Carries out state laws and supervises work of executive departments Approves or vetoes all state bills Develops state policy and suggests new state laws Grants pardons Controls state police force and militia Prepares state budget Appoints judges and members of state commissions